Marine Serre, Christelle Kocher, and others Collaborate with Nike

This collaboration is timed for release in time for the Women’s World Cup.

Sportswear brand Nike has enlisted four notable female designers to create a lifestyle collection inspired by the upcoming women’s world cup. Yoon Ahn of Ambush, Christelle Kocher of Koché and Erin Magee and Marine Serre both from MadeMe were selected to collaborate on a football- or soccer-oriented collection, just for women. These pieces will not be women’s “versions” of the male kits. Instead, they will be both stylish, comfortable but practical. Mostly, designed for women’s bodies, à la the Hardcore Couture bodysuits designed by Marine Serre.

Earlier this year Nike released the uniforms they had designed for 14 of the teams competing in the championship, previously won by the US. Having designed plenty of sportswear for men’s teams, even the world cup, this helps elevate the importance and relevance of the games that are set to start in June. Equality is an issue in many industries, but especially in sport. Thankfully the women athletes, designers, and Nike are helping level it out. Here’s what some of the designers had to say about the soon-to-be-released collection:

Christelle Kocher designs for Nike Womenswear

“I want the girls who wear these pieces to feel powerful and confident. Sports and fashion can have the same magic power: to make people feel stronger. I hope these pieces will help women to perform and have fun on playgrounds and in life.”- Kocher

“It’s a small gesture of empowerment and a commitment to be a part of something bigger.” -Ahn.

“The functionality of the garment makes it a performance piece, but it also looks good.”- Magee

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