Nine Times Billie Eilish Gave Us Life

V take a look back at some of our favorite Billie Eilish Moments.

Billie Eilish bewitched us with her hauntingly ethereal vocals in 2015 with Ocean Eyes; and the world has never been quite the same since. While we didn’t know it then, over the past few years, it has become abundantly clear it’s Billie’s world and we are all merely living in it. The 17 year-old songstress has forged a path of her own, going against the stereotypical teenage-superstar grain by using her relatable angsty lyrics, horror-flick reminiscent visuals, and her eccentric style; which in turn has garnered her a cult-like fan base.

Taking it a step further for her debut album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” which frequently inhabited the charts; Eilish gave us a look deeper into her twistedly dark mind. And although tarantulas evading her mouth may throw most off; Billie’s gory-gothic antics have only made our hearts grow fonder.

Happy to oblige in feeding your sick obsession, V share nine times Billie Eilish gave us life; giving you a few more reasons to love her. Check it out below!

1. For the release of her debut album Eilish created an immersive art exhibition.


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2. Billie wore head to toe Louis Vuitton.


3. Billie gave us childhood cartoons, but made it fashion when she stepped onto the ASCAPS red carpet wearing a Power Puff Girls inspired get-up.


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4. Billie’s playful Instagram caption fueled some of the most hilarious meme’s.



5. When Billie embarrassingly shared how Justin Bieber slid into her DM’s with a screen shot of a fan-girl message she sent him years ago.

6. Billie Eilish launched her own street-wear line called Blohsh, and the designs are pretty cool!

7. “Ariana is a f**king king! Like a king”. In an interview with ET Billie shared just how much she loved Grande; and we love her even more for it.

8. Billie is politically active! In an interview with Variety she shared her views on Abortion Laws. “It’s so unbelievable. It makes me, like, red. It makes my ears fucking steam out of my head. Women should say, should do and feel and be exactly what they want. There should be nobody else telling them how to live their life, how to do shit… It just makes me so mad that if I start talking about it, I won’t stop. Men should not make women’s choices — that’s all I have to say.”

9. That one time Billie teamed up with UberEats to share her favorite vegan spots and inspire others to go vegan.

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