NMF: Billie Eilish, Peach Tree Rascals, and more

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

Happy Friday! This week was a crazy one in the music world, with several surprise drops, most notably Billie Eilish’s two song EP, Guitar Songs. Both tracks feature Eilish and her brother, Finneas, in peak form, singing the kind of sad songs that the world seems to need right now. Another highlight of the week was the streaming service debut of Mac Miller’s 2011 mixtape I Love Life, Thank You, a beautiful reminder of his musical legacy. On the more upbeat side, this week brought about plenty of summer bangers, from indie-pop artists and house music producers alike.

Let’s get into this week’s picks:

“TV” by Billie Eilish  

Image via Interscope Records.

Billie Eilish created something beautiful out of the tumultuous, generally awful political and social landscape in the U.S. right now with the surprise single “TV.” At age 20, she’s managed to yet again encapsulate the feelings of her entire generation in the classically soft, melodic track, filled with lofty harmonies and soft guitar strums from her brother, Finneas. “The internet’s gone wild watching movie stars on trial / While they’re overturning Roe v. Wade,” she chides, though not without taking any blame herself: “Maybe I’m the problem.”  

“Moped” by Peach Tree Rascals  

Image via 10K Projects.

On their sophomore EP, Does a Fish Know It’s Wet?, Peach Tree Rascals continue down the unique, unabashedly joyful and upbeat lane they’ve found themselves in. The highlight of the EP is “Moped,” a smooth and groovy track that just screams summer. The song is inviting, literally: I know that the days are numbered like the summer and our time is slipping away / No wonder I’m a sucker for your love / So baby just hold on to me / In the passenger seat / We be swervin’ through streets / Keep holdin’ on to me,” reads the melodic chorus. With carefree beats and a generally sunny vibe, “Moped” perfectly embodies the band’s genre-crossing sound. 

“Becky’s So Hot” by FLETCHER 

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

Heartbreak-pop is FLETCHER’s bread and butter, and her latest single, “Becky’s So Hot,” is just that – with the addition of some extra messy feelings. “Ooh, she’s the one I should hate / But I wanna know how she tastes / I kinda wanna hit her when I see her / Becky’s so hot in your vintage t-shirt,” she sings on the chorus, referencing an ex-girlfriend’s new partner, who is obviously, well…hot. Backed by soaring guitars and intense drums, “Becky’s So Hot” is a dizzying expression of heartbreak, longing, and moving on. 

i’m a mess” by Omah Lay 

Image via Sire Records.

On “i’m a mess,” Afro-fusion star Omah Lay finds himself overthinking everything. Contrasted with the vibey, danceable production, the lyrics take Lay to a new level of introspection. “At times, it feels like nobody / Can understand the way I feel / ‘Cause I am fucked up totally,” he muses on the vulnerable, relatable chorus. He takes it a step further, melodically singing “Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad / I don’t know what’s over me.” “i’m a mess” comes from Lay’s debut album, Boy Alone.

“12345” by Em Beihold 

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

TikTok sensation and V Girl Em Beihold is proving that her talent goes far beyond the app with her latest single, “12345.” Beihold’s clear, piercing tone shines through behind the clap-inducing, head-bopping track. “Floating away like I’m a kite / Reminding myself I’m still alive / Try not to panic every night / One, two, three, four, five,” she croons on the chorus, a subtle reference to the relatable personal anxiety check-in, where you list five things you can see, four you can feel… you get it. Beihold has become somewhat of a Gen Z version of a mental health advocate though her introspective, witty mental health anthems,” as she calls them.  

“Just Can’t Get Enough” by Channel Tres

Image via GODMODE.

If “Just Can’t Get Enough” is any indication of what the remainder of the upcoming Channel Tres album, Real Cultural Shit, sounds like, it’s safe to say we just can’t get enough of it. The Compton-based producer and singer is making house music mainstream with his groovy beats and silky-smooth vocals, which aren’t quite rapping or singing, more of a funky cross between the two. “Seat back in that parking lot / Like we used to / Windows fogging up / Trunk sounds like the club,” he chants behind the soulful, sexy, ‘70s-eqsue production.   

“Probabilities” by Maude Latour  

Image via Warner Records.

Indie-pop darling Maude Latour is back with another sparkling pop banger, as she looks for meaning within the chaos of the world. On “Probabilities,” Latour takes a refreshingly optimistic stance on the future. “Baby, don’t be scared / I can tell the future’s bright / Little bit of love and care / Learning how to trust your light,” she belts on the chorus, which is backed by an equally optimistic production, led by glittering synths. “Probabilities” shows off Latour’s natural musical evolution, while staying true to her classically euphoric sound.

“Tears in My Eyes” by Justice Carradine 

Image via Atlantic Recording Corporation.

“Tears in My Eyes” shows a vulnerable new side of singer-songwriter Justice Carradine. The emotionally charged track follows Carradine’s first panic attack, which took place on a cross-country drive. “I learned how to drive / With tears in my eyes / ‘Cause you gotta love somebody to feel love / Thе times that I died / I felt most alivе,” he sings on the building chorus, flexing his vocal range and powerful falsetto. The floaty, vibey track culminates in a quiet moment of introspection, where Carradine turns the studio into a therapy session, recounting his experience.  

“Weeds” by Beach Bunny

Image via Mom+Pop.

On “Weeds” Beach Bunny’s Lili Trifilio is finally taking ownership over her feelings. The catchy, punchy track is a highlight from the band’s new album, Emotional Creature, which cements their contemporary, cool-kid indie-rock sound. “Where’s my happy ever after? / I’m obsessed, depressed, can’t seem to find no closure / What’s the point in getting dressed / If the two of us are ovеr?” Trifilio sings on the big chorus, backed by strong, nostalgic guitar riffs.  

“Love Lost” by Mac Miller  

Image via Rostrum Records.

Though it’s not technically new, Mac Miller’s 2011 mixtape I Love Life, Thank You, hit streaming platforms for the first time this week, so I’m making an executive decision and adding it to the round-up anyway. “Love Lost,” which is so quintessentially Miller, is the standout track of the mixtape. With a sample from “Love Lost” by The Temper Traps, Miller’s version is groovy and upbeat, despite the lovelorn lyrics. “How the hell you make me fall in love with you? / (But now we’ve found it) / And then you leave, now you’re gone / All I got is this damn song / (And if you flash your heart, oh, heart) / So I can feel but I can’t touch,” he raps on the chorus, between the more optimistic Temper Traps lyrics. The song, and the mixtape as a whole, gives fans some nice insight into Miller’s inner thoughts before he made it big.   

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