NMF: Joe P, Calvin Harris, and more

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

Happy Friday! Yet another week has come and gone already, inching us closer and closer to fall (and thus the official post-summer crowning of the “song of the summer.”)  From Calvin Harris’ long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, to Doechii’s first release with a major record label, to the onslaught of upbeat end-of-summer anthems, this week was filled with excellent new music, which is why I’m breaking the rules and adding 11 songs to the round-up. Sorry!

Let’s just right into this week’s picks:

“All Day I Dream About” by Joe P 

Image via Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Alt-pop newcomer Joe P’s latest single, “All Day I Dream About,” is the perfect end of summer track to dance around your living room to. The anthemic earworm has already gone viral on TikTok, and for a good reason, with its soaring riffs, immersive lyrics, and sparkling, head-bopping drums. Joe P shines on the chorus, singing: “And she said, “This year I think I’m gonna be / A ghost on Halloween / Cut holes so I can see / Bring all my candy home to you / So you get a cavity in your tooth /Then my heart won’t be so easy to chew.”  

“Obsessed” by Calvin Harris feat. Charlie Puth and Shenseea 

Image via Sony Music Entertainment.

Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 is finally here, and one of the highlights is the dance track “Obsessed,” featuring pop singer Charlie Puth and rising dancehall star Shenseea. “I miss you every single day but you don’t even look my way / I really wish you were obsessed with me,” Puth croons on the catchy chorus. Behind the duo’s bubbly vocals, the floaty, summery, track stands out from the rest of the album for its funky vibe and strong production.  

“Bitch Back” by Olivia O’Brien feat. FLETCHER  

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

Filled with carefree, reckless, and youthful energy, “Bitch Back” by Olivia O’Brien and FLETCHER is the best friend anthem you didn’t know you needed. “It’s all good, I got my bitch back / Back on our bullshit, I know you missed that / ‘Cause he sucks and now we can admit that,” O’Brien sings on the chorus, celebrating the fact that she and her friend can be single together, something every best friend duo secretly dreams of. With groovy beats and relatable lyrics, “Bitch Back” is the perfect song to vibe to with your bestie, preferably before a night out together. 

Backpack” by Quinn XCII 

Image via Republic Records.

Singer and producer Quinn XCII brought the reggae funk on his latest single, “Backpack,” a song all about feeling inadequate around someone more experienced than you, and having to “fake it ‘till you make it.” With soulful vocals, a head-bopping beat and acoustic guitar riffs, “Backpack” is a different kind of coming-of-age story, where Quinn XCII admits that acting like someone you’re not isn’t the healthiest way to get into a relationship. Quinn XCII also dropped a funny video to go along with the track, starring Gen Z’s favorite rapper Yung Gravy and DJ Zach Sang. 

‘Girl Code” by Brynn Cartelli 

Image via Elektra Records LLC.

Singer/songwriter and The Voice alum Brynn Cartelli’s ethereal new single, “Girl Code,” details the night she met her now boyfriend. Obviously not wanting to break ‘girl code,’ the song touches on her conversation with her friend about making a move: “She says he’s yours if you want him too / I say, ‘I’m not sure, but if you approve, I will go, say hello’ / But I don’t wanna break girl code / ‘Cause who knows where this will go?” Cartelli’s floaty vocals and soft guitar backing make “Girl Code” stand out amongst her earlier work. 

“Turnham Green” by Adam Melchor  

Image via Warner Records.

“Turnham Green” by singer/songwriter Adam Melchor is a classic pop-folk song, with soft melodies and ethereal acoustic guitar riffs. The melancholy song highlights the beauty that can come from pain, as Melchor hears somebody’s reasoning for hurting him. “You carved out your decision / Before you took the turn from me / The life we almost lived in / The mornings walking Turnham Green,” he sings in one verse. 

“This Bitch Matters” by Doechii 

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

Doechii’s highly anticipated new EP, she / her / black bitch, cements the rapper as a name to know in the industry. On “This Bitch Matters,” she flexes her ability to flip between her classic quick-fire rapping to her seductive singing. “You should be holding a sign saying “Needs more loving, need more hugging” / This bitch mugging, this bitch bluffing / But this bitch matters,” she sings on the chorus, a reference to her personal quest to reframe the word “bitch” into a positive, powerful calling card. she / her / black bitch is a strong debut for Doechii, who continues to inch towards mainstream rap credibility.  

“Blonde” by Maisie Peters 

Image via Warner Music UK Limited.

Remember how you screwed up when I was a brunette? / I don’t think you knew just what you’d done / Woah, I’ll fuck your life up as a blonde,” sings up–and-coming pop darling Maisie Peters on her latest single, “Blonde.” “Blonde” is the epitome of a fun breakup anthem, with Peters turning the age-old concept of a breakup haircut into a powerful message, proving that blondes really do have more fun. The lyric “Is that an angel? No it’s your ex,” is infused with the kind of confidence we all should feel.  

“MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL!” By Madonna feat. Saucy Santana  

Image via Warner Records inc.

Everyone’s favorite duo FINALLY released “MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL!” the duet they’ve been teasing since their iconic performance during NYC’s Pride concert. Remixed from Santana’s viral hit “Material Gworl” (which itself is a reference to Madonna’s seminal hit “Material Girl”), the track is as up-tempo and electric as you might expect. “A material girl is not tasteless / A material girl is my favorite / I’m a material girl, so don’t waste this / If you not a material girl then you basic,” Madonna sings on the pre-chorus, setting up Santana’s quick-spitting rap. 

 “Other Side” by Gigi Rich  

Image via Gigi Rich.

Newcomer Gigi Rich gets personal on her latest track, “Other Side.” The pop-rock track is all about seeking approval and feeling like you have to hide pieces of yourself in order to get it. “Oh I, have these thoughts that I keep, in my mind / I surrender to them all the time / Yeah it’s hard, who to show, when to hide,” she sings on the moody chorus, backed by banging drums and Avril Lavigne-esque Y2K guitar riffs.  

“hover like a GODDESS” by WILLOW

Image via Roc Nation Records.

WILLOW shows off her insane vocal range on “hover like a GODDESS” floating between classic grunge punk and floaty R&B verses. The song is a sexy, groovy ode to the goddess within all women, with lyrics like “When I walk you fucking hover like a goddess / Just meet me under the covers, baby,” and “You’re like the ocean, comin’ and goin’ / I wanna surf your waves to the shore.” The kick-drum heavy track comes from WILLOW’s just-announced album, COPINGMECHANISM, due in October.

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