No. 21’s Fall/Winter Collection Abandons the Notion of “Home Couture”

This new line-up is a look into the future of a life back in the outside world

Alessandro Dell’Acqua has had enough of dressing for the home and for a pandemic. His newest collection for No. 21’s Fall/Winter line-up embodies that thought, emphasizing the uncomfortable glamor that looks forward to a post-pandemic life. Taking several cues from collections from their past, instead of adapting to the current situation, it decides to look to the future.

In a show set in an abandoned basement-like area, lit by a single spotlight following each model, the clothes are allowed to speak for themselves in the limited illumination. Which is why each item serves as a statement, muted takes on unconventional or bold silhouettes. Sheer chantilly lace dresses coming in funereal/cocktail hour black, oversized coats and layers appearing in bright purple plaid and leopard prints.

It’s the dichotomy that stands as the centerpiece of this collection that chooses to forgo excessive comfort or leisurewear for more of an Italian sensibility toward chic and sensual outdoor fashion. But it doesn’t attempt to go completely out there, still retaining a sense of style that wouldn’t feel out of place walking along any busy street and avoid being gawked at.

There’s also an abandoning of the excessively polished and pristine looks that have come to dominate recent runway shows, which is oddly refreshing. While every item is exquisitely tailored, they carry a rough-around-the-edges appeal to them that particularly helps when layering pieces from the collection together, creating a range of clothing that go well with each other. Any of the mint green one-shouldered shawls would pair with the tan pants or white heels.

The men’s line-up, while not as expansive, takes its cues from the women’s items in the sheer fabrics, plaids, and leopard prints, also borrowing the same color cues of black, green, tan, purple, and lavender.

With a forward thinking outlook on a life after pandemic (so AP, “After Pandemic”), No. 21’s newest collection is one of quiet hope and resilience hidden behind a layer of fringe, sheer fabric and dark bustier dresses. Check out their runway show below:

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