NO/FAITH STUDIOS Announces New Collection: RAUM 233

The German-based brand announces their newest endeavor; an homage to early aughts aesthetics and experimentation with leather and denim.

Luis Dobbelgarten was only sixteen when he founded NO/FAITH in 2016. Despite not yet being old enough to legally drink, Dobbelgarten already possessed a keen understanding of design techniques and elements. In the brand’s early days, Dobbelgarten quickly realized that relying on cutting re-made samples was limiting the scope of his designs. Following this realization, he quickly transitioned to a cut-and-sew method that allowed him more creative freedom, and the rest is history.

Since the brand’s founding, experimenting with leather and denim have been the pillars of NO/FAITH’s design identity. Additionally, coming of age in the early 2000s resulted in Dobbelgarten possessing an understanding of the fashion aesthetics of the time period, which have also become a prominent element of the brand’s aesthetic.

This week NO/FAITH announced their newest collection, titled RAUM 233. The collection, named after the office room at the brand’s studio in Mechernich, Germany, is comprised of 35 looks, and is set to release in a series of drops in the coming months.

While most of the looks in this new collection could technically be categorized as womenswear, Dobbelgarten prefers to view his designs as unisex. Taking pages from the Early Aughts book, the designer has created a collection that is a hybrid of sexy and nerdy chic. Dobbelgarten cites the ‘anti-fashion’ sentiments of the 2000s as a key point of inspiration in his designs, as well as a hallmark of the brand’s ethos, celebrating individuality and creativity.

Denim, leather, and faux fur are the main material elements of this collection, and most pieces are one of a kind. The loose-fitting dresses exemplify the precision of wrap-around tailoring cuts that reveal the silhouette, contrasting with the amplitude of denim or distressed leather trousers. Pockets are always prominent and still very much present in this collection, also repeated on the iconic multi-pocket bag, available in various types of leather.

NFS has become notorious for utilizing belts, zippers, metal detailing, and innovative tailoring to create eccentric and unique shapes in their designs. At its core, this new collection personifies the brand’s “esoteric-creative output through hand-crafted garments.”


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