NOIR|LDN’s New Collection Pays Tribute to Motherhood

The brand’s new collection features a campaign with Broderick Hunter

Lifestyle brand NOIR|LDN’s new collection is a representation of love and freedom. The London-based brand uses its blends of garments and muted colors to embody the wearer’s personality.

“The second collection has been carefully designed and developed to give a broad range of products that serve to compliment the customer’s needs,” says Dr Bilal Ali, founder of NOIR|LDN. “Furthermore, It was important for the brand to convey key important messages through the medium of fashion.”

The collection has two themes. The first is “My Mother,” which is a tribute to the founder’s mother and motherhood in general. Several unique pieces that embody the founder’s desire to increase awareness for the cause.

The second theme is the “Freedom of Thought” campaign, featuring model and actor Broderick Hunter. Shot in New York, the second collection is a mix of more premium mixed fabrics along with pieces that are very season-appropriate, like hoodies, jumpers, and jackets. It’s mostly accented in blacks, whites, and grays.

You can find NOIR|LDN’s second collection on their website.

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