Nordic Notes and Sartorial Allure: Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter 2022

The Italian designer brings Nordic ways of dress into latest collection. 

Taking notes from perfume creation, Brunello Cucinelli looks to combine seduction with elegance for the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Cucinelli follows an olfactory approach to organization by separating different defining aspects of the collection into specific notes. New patterns and silhouettes come together to “nurture the joy of togetherness”, and create the different layers of the Nordic Notes and Sartorial Allure presentation. 

Starting with the head notes, feminine reflections take the first layer. Intricate lines of sequins find their way into heavy wool sweaters. Dazzling lamé fabric turns into luxurious evening gowns and suits. Satin and sheer elements create a softness to the heavy Nordic knits. The effects of this note find their way into Cucinelli’s new matching sets, knitwear, trousers, and skirts. Matching jacket and trouser sets sparkle with white lamé fabric, while satin and sheer skirts add a neutral, yet stylish, balance to the bedazzled knit wear.  The femininity that peaks through each of these designs captures the seductiveness that unites daytime and evening wear. 

For the next note, the heart note, Cucinelli focuses on enveloping sensations. The strongest element of the Fall/Winter looks is the adaptation of Nordic patterns. Cucinelli combines a variety of different textures, such as bouclé or fleecy knits, to recreate the “high-altitude style.” The  cashmere and natural fibers find their way into down jackets, coats, skirts, trousers and accessories. Paired with animal pelts or floral designs, these earthen color palette garments create a sense of connection between body and nature. 

The third, and final note, lies at the root of all of the Fall/Winter designs. Harmonic memory, or the base note, gives the brand its identity. Through English ribs, and masculine garments that have feminie touch, Cucinelli is defining his brand. From suit trousers that take on a relaxed and utilitarian shape, to skirts that are given a hint of masculinity through their pairing with heavy boots or loafers, the sartorial essence of Cucinelli is seen. The brand’s unrivaled craftsmanship is on full display throughout the entire collection, and their expertise when it comes to cashmere and fine luxury is unmatched. 

Cucinelli’s Fall/Winter 2022 presentation brings the nuances of nature and the soul of Nordic countries to Italian designs. Combining a rich blend of culture, heritage, and distinctive style codes, Cucinelli brings a new life to winter dress.


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