Norwegian Pop Princess Astrid S on her New EP ‘Trust Issues’ and Staying Humble

As she prepares to release her forthcoming EP this fall including some of her latest singles as well as two brand new tracks, the artist sat down with V Magazine to discuss staying humble, connecting with the audience and turning ideas into hits.

With a staggering 1 billion streams, sold-out tours, 300 million streams on her breakout single “Hurts So Good’ and collaborations with everyone from Katy Perry to Shawn Mendes—Astrid S is undoubtedly one of Norway’s biggest pop sensations to date. From her electrifying shows and upbeat tracks, Astrid has proven to be a pop powerhouse who’s always on the job, looking for inspiration for the next big tune.

Skirt suit – Envelope 1976
, Shoes – Steen & Strom
, Earrings – Maria Black

“I draw inspiration from my own range of emotions, conversations with friends or if I see a movie and relate to a character. I tend to write things down on my phone and bring it up in the studio for discussion and then we brainstorm together, which turns into the creative process where many of my tracks are made,” said Astrid S.

Earrings – Maria Black,
 Top – The Product, Blazer – Mardou and Dean

She has been in the limelight since the tender age of 16, yet, at 22 she is still amazed at how people recognize her and her music. “It still amazes me when I visit a country I’ve never been to before and I see or hear the audience sing my lyrics word by word. That’s how I am with my favorite artists and it’s quite surreal to see other people do that too only with my music.” Even though Astrid has reached a certain level of pop stardom around the world, her connection with the audience still lies at the core of every performance. “I love performing at 1000 capacity gigs, it’s big – but still intimate enough for me to see the faces of the audiences and I really like that.”

Pre-order Astrid S’ ‘Trust Issues’ EP here.

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