Nostalgia Alert: The Motorola Razr is Back

Motorola announced the return of the Razr launching in January of 2020.

The modern-day smartphone has its perks, right? A super clear camera that can pan a good amount of a city skyline, the smooth screen making typing a breeze and their weightlessness makes carrying them around (which let’s be honest, they go everywhere) easy. And while smartphones have added ease and reliability to the lives of millions, there has always been something missing.

No, it’s not the funky colors of cell-phones past, Apple has introduced several different colored phones. It’s not the buttons to tap away at. It’s the satisfying feeling of slamming the two sides of the phone together for that dramatic hang-up known all too well.

But that is about to change. Motorola announced today that in January the new, Motorola Razr is going to be available for purchase. Do not gasp in fear of sacrificing the touch screen that has become so prevalent. The newest phone, selling for $1,499 exclusively at Verizon in the United States, is essentially a smartphone that you can fold in half.

Imagine dropping your smartphone and the anticipation of that dreaded cracked screen—with the new Razr all of those worries can disappear. The outside is crafted with protective stainless steel, offered in noir black, and mimics Razrs of the past while protecting the smartphone glass screen.

Yes, the new Razr doesn’t come in the worshipped bright pink and isn’t completely like the oldest phones. It’s still an ode to the past and maybe for just one fleeting moment we can all feel like it’s 2005 again with the superstar of cell phones.

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