Now You Can Play Ashley O on Repeat

Netflix just blessed us with the music video for “On a Roll” by Black Mirror’s Ashley O, aka Miley Cyrus.

Forget Hannah Montana, Ashley O is the Miley Cyrus alter ego that we can’t stop, won’t stop bumping on full blast.

Cyrus’s Black Mirror debut told the innocent-turned-twisted story of megastar Ashley O, and, in the process, created a swarm of IRL fans for the fictional artist. In the episode, titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” Black Mirror viewers get to hear Ashley O’s smash hit “On a Roll” and see its music video.

The song is actually a reinvented version of Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 song “Head Like a Hole.” The heavier, riff-driven rock song was reimagined to suit the glam-pop persona of Ashley O for the Netflix series.

Viewers and Miley fans quickly fell for Ashley and had “On a Roll” playing on repeat in no time. The problem? The only way to listen to the song was to play back snippets of the Black Mirror episode again and again. That is, until Netflix, thank God, made that pursuit infinitely easier when they dropped the “On a Roll” music video on YouTube. Ashley O’s fictional status makes putting her music on streaming services a challenge.

In the video, Ashley O—and her signature lilac bob—dance in a choreographed routine alongside six of her backup dancers. At the video’s climax, Ashley O, clad in a white leather set and knee-high go-go boots, takes a dip in her Pepto-Bismol pink bath. Unlike its appearance in the episode, however, the music video released on YouTube alludes to the corrupt, not-so-shiny backstage life of Ashley O. As the song concludes, the video glitches from color to black and white and Black Mirror’s staple shattered glass effect appears over the screen.

Since the episode’s release, Cyrus has been giving her social media followers the best of both worlds, getting in character with Ashley O and promoting her recently released EP SHE IS COMING. Watch the music video for Ashley O’s “On a Roll” below.

Ashley O
Miley channeled her Ashley O persona for a while after the release of her Black Mirror episode.

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