Casa Jondal, one of the world’s most exclusive destinations in the heart of Ibiza, is getting a stylish upgrade from Off-White™. In conjunction with its summer capsule collection, Off-White™ is soaking up the warm weather in Ibiza and personalizing the Casa Jondal beach.

Courtesy of Off-White™

Customizing the sunbeds, towels, pillows, benches, carpets, and more, Off-White™ has decked out the entire space with its logo and arrows. The immersive experience is meant to be the epitome of luxury and creativity, inviting patrons to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the seaside with a chic twist.

The ecru and Jondal-red colors of the furniture pair perfectly with the brand’s summer collection,  which includes a pair of espadrilles with red stitching and sarongs in neutral colors to contrast bold swimsuits for men and women.

Courtesy of Off-White™

Bags made of rafia and canvas with “CAN’T WAIT” graphics aptly represent the FOMO of Off-White™ fans who aren’t able to make the trip to Ibiza this summer. Rather, we’ll have to make do with the collection’s t-shirts and an ocean sounds playlist.

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