Off-White™ Launches ‘I Support Black Women’ PSA

The fashion label aims to support the Black feminist community with a third PSA installment.

To commemorate the last days of Women’s History Month, streetwear aficionado Off-White™ introduces a two-part movement titled I Support Black Women. The launch is co-led by Trinice McNally, a Black queer feminist activist and friend of Off-White™ creative director Virgil Abloh.

The PSA’s first part features a activism campaign headed by McNally and nine Black female leaders and activists representing a variety of marginalized identities. Shot by Kennedi Carter, the project advocates for social justice and strives to facilitate conversations around intersectional feminism.

“‘I Support Black Women’ aims to amplify the voices of Black women organizers about their work, resilience, and values,” said McNally. “This, combined with Black people’s inherent connection to fashion, arts and culture, is what led the way to the idea.”

The activist campaign and conversation panel benefits from a diverse group of community leaders. Human Rights defender and trans activist Tiara Gendy, Black Women Radicals founder Jaimee A. Swift, and liberation musician OnRaé LaTeal are among those advocating for social and systemic change. Each participant will add valuable insight to roundtable discussions, lectures, and seminars.

The PSA’s second component revolves around service, providing concrete aid to Black initiatives. Off-White™ is raising money to fund a physical education space and/or summer camp in Washington D.C. for Black Women Radicals’ mission. This would make Black Women Radicals’ School for Black Feminist Politics program available in-person. Donations for the movement can be made through this link.

“I founded Off-White™ to be a platform for amplifying diverse voices and talent and to help combat the systemic oppression of Black people,” said Abloh. “I’m proud that Off-White™ has been able to create ‘I Support Black Women’ with Trinice McNally. She and the nine other women in our community who we will feature in our Activists Campaign this quarter show enormous determination in their support of Black women each and every day. It is an inspiration to honor them in our quarterly program to offset oppression Black women and men face, by amplifying Black and other under-represented voices.”

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