Off White x Church’s Second Collaboration is Here

The latest shoe from Off White x Church’s takes a page from Off White’s “Spaceship Earth” show.

Off White is back with another collaboration with British shoemaker Church’s.

The Consul Meteor from Of White x Church’s.

Following the March release of the Burwood x Off White shoe, both brands are back with the Consul Meteor, a unique spin on Church’s classic oxfords. The Burwood x Off White used the brand’s traditional Burwood style from 1953, and was branded with Off White’s signature quotations and the “QUESTION EVERYTHING” tagline.

The Consul Meteor shoes have some elements in common with the Burwood x Off White, from the branded “shoelace” shoelaces to the green leather Off White tag. The differences end there, however, as the new model reimagines a different Church’s shape, the Consul. The classic shoe has been redesigned with Off White’s meteor detailing, using the traditional circular cutouts first envisioned by Virgil Abloh. The shoes act as an extension of the “Spaceship Earth: an Imaginary Experience” show that Off White put on for Paris Fashion Week in February.

The Consul Meteor from Of White x Church’s.

The shoes and the tag are constructed using Church’s signature leather, but the holes make them the perfect breathable summer shoe. The tan inner insoles have a special co-branded logo from both Church’s and Off White.

The Consul Meteor from Of White x Church’s.

The Consul Meteor by Off White x Church’s are available now for $1,706. You can buy them from Off White online.

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