Offset’s Birthday Haul: A Fridge Full of $500k in Cash

What Cardi B got her husband his 28th birthday.

What did Offset get for his birthday this year? Cardi B’s surprise might have been the most memorable one for him and the guests: a refrigerator.

The aforementioned appliance was filled with $500,000 in cash. “You can go buy yourself a car, go buy yourself more jewelry. You can even go buy me more Birkin bags,” Cardi said. “You can do whatever you want.”

Cardi shared the gift-giving moment in her Instagram account, revealing the Migos member’s astonishment as he discovered stacks and stacks of money inside the family-sized refrigerator. The occasion itself was celebrated according to the canons of rap and hip-hop, featuring a party of strippers, a Call of Duty cake, a whole lot of Popeyes chicken sandwiches and lap dances for both Cardi and Offset.

After that, the female rapper declared that she’s done giving her husband gifts for this holiday season.

“Don’t expect no Christmas gift from me,” she added. “Only for the kids!”

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