Okay Kaya on her New Music project RØR, New Album, and Personal Growth

The half-Norwegian, half-American singer and songwriter Okay Kaya is about to drop her new album, as well as her latest music project ‘RØR’. V Magazine sat down with Kaya Wilkins to discuss making music with her girlfriend, producing and writing every day and her latest record.

Kaya Wilkins or better yet Okay Kaya has launched a new music project titled ‘RØR’ in collaboration with girlfriend and better half Stine Omar. “I think (RØR) was conceived on a yoga mat whilst eating sandwiches last winter. I guess it’s a little bit more rhythmic than the Okay Kaya project because I wanted to explore that when I’m producing, however, we both write lyrics and sing,” said Wilkins. The name of the project is filled with connotations in both Norwegian and English, “It’s funny because in Norwegian RØR means so many things, it means tube, to touch, to stir and so it kind of fits the project because it’s about everything we’re thinking, doing and feeling. Also in English, it sounds like Roar, which is pretty metal I guess.” Their latest single ‘Buff Sensual’ looks at self-care through the eyes of the artists and embraces self-care as something cool and nothing to be ashamed of.

For her latest solo album, Kaya has looked at her personal growth for inspiration—the lyrical picture is still very much true to her sound. “It definitely stays true to what the Okay Kaya project is, but I’m also, along with everyone else growing every day so it’s a testament to what I’ve been through the past two years. I think my records always will be somewhat inspired by that personal growth, it’s ever-changing.”

Listen to RØR’s latest track ‘Buff Sensual’ here.

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Coat – Mardou and Dean, Shoes – Steen&Strom
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