Oliver Peoples Evokes Vintage California With Spring 2021 Collection

What happens in Malibu, stays in Malibu…

A creative escape into the sunny hills of picture-perfect Malibu, Oliver Peoples has unveiled Malibu Confidential, the Spring 2021 campaign encapsulating an aesthetic visual experience.

In a mid-century modern house, we meet the models of the campaign, upbeat and airy—for Ross Butler of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale, Corey Knight of We Are Who We Are, Hannah Ferguson and Yasmin Wijnaldum, days are spent in and around the pool, basking in the sun, a feast for the eyes with a warm, light tone. 

Famed fashion photographer Dennis Leupold shot the campaign, while the film is the work of esteemed cinematographer Basil Fauchier, who lets us into the nooks and alcoves of the Malibu home to watch the captivating characters play house—one mysterious personality amongst a string of others, an intriguing Malibu scene surrounded by the glamour of the home.

An American icon, Oliver Peoples evokes Californian relaxation with the campaign, a dreamy haze of languid luxury falling over the campaign. The Spring 2021 collection trickles from the territory of Old Hollywood into new styles, modern and chic; it recalls the bold 60s, the colorful 70s, frames made of metal, and lenses with custom gradients and distinct acetates. 

Each piece of eyewear embodies the fine attention to detail and craftsmanship unique to Oliver Peoples, the easy California elegance and nonchalance of confidence. The Weslie sun and optical frames are the stars of the collection, playing with vintage chic ideas—gradient glass lenses and a retro nose-bridge, evoking Malibu history and contemporary aesthetics. 

Butterfly lenses and cat-eye frames give 1970s appeal: the Willetta, an oversized optical frame, is reminiscent of the old boho days, while the glamorous and sleek Laiya lens is all about California confidence and sophistication. The Casian, square and bold, gives everyday timelessness, while the Martineaux’s keyhole bridge and Sunset Tower-inspired filigree brings the best parts of retro into the moment. 

Along with the new styles and frames, the Spring 2021 collection by Oliver Peoples reintroduces iconic acetates, including the YTB and 382 styles from the archives. Initially launched in 1987, the frames are reimagined for the modern wearer; the YTB’s yellow base tortoise design contrasts neatly with vintage Green C lenses, while the 382, seen in American Psycho, is a modern match for 80s icons, brought back in O’Malley optical and sun.

The frames give wearers a life of their own, telling a story of California, of the hills, of an all-but empty mansion in Malibu…under the glasses, is there more to be known, more to find out? Or will it all remain confidential?

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