Olivia Molina Avellaneda’s top fashion trends that, according to her, will rule 2021

The trendsetter in the modeling, acting, and entrepreneurial world and has created milestones across industries.

It is no walk in the park when people think of turning their dreams into reality. It takes immense guts, grit, and dedication to move forward in one’s aim for making it huge in all their desired endeavors.  Olivia Molina Avellaneda is an Argentinian beauty, who exuded every quality and virtue of becoming a winner in life and her career. Today she stands strong as a model, actor, entrepreneur, and fashionista. Her experience in the modeling and fashion world right since her teenage days has gained her in-depth knowledge of the industry, making her an influential fashion and modeling personality not just in Argentina but also in the US, where she currently resides.

Olivia believes that beauty is not just business; it more than that; it is an art. Her experience in the beauty industry, learning fashion styling and makeup transformed the looks of other models while working at a certain models agency. Talking about the fashion trends of this year, Olivia Molina says that it is definitely going to be much more than only the sweats that people wore the entire 2020 working from home.

She points out the few fashion trends that, according to her, will take over 2021.


  • Loungewear: Olivia says that fast fashion brands are all over it already. Loungewear is increasingly becoming popular for the casualness it offers and the perfect outfits amidst lockdowns. A major tip that the talented model gives is that people can buy a 1-2 size bigger for making the loungewear look as lux as possible.
  • Comfortable suits: With the increase in the work from home scenarios across the world, the model says that comfortable suits have become the most in-thing in fashion. For Zoom meetings, a comfortable suit gives relaxed sensibilities, encapsulating comfort and ease.
  • A sweater vest: It is one of the coolest and also the understated piece that can easily work into anyone’s wardrobe. A quick tip that Olivia Molina gives is that girls can style it over a classic white tee and roll up the sleeves just a bit.

 Olivia Molina Avellaneda in the past had made it huge as an actor as well, working in several plays. She gained great recognition playing the role of a co-protagonist in a soap opera named Patito Feo. As a model and fashionista, she has gone ahead many in the industry and have inspired several aspiring professionals in the vast modeling and acting world.

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