Diego Boneta is now elevating his style with the classic watch brand OMEGA. A triple threat in his own right, Boneta claims the title of singer, actor, and producer. For a man who wears so many hats, we all can’t stop looking at his wrist!

Boneta is best known for his breakthrough role in the Rock of Ages but has shown exceptional prowess, adapting his skills to suit a variety of genres. The star has since acted in notable romantic comedies, with films like At Midnight, and Father of the Bride diversifying his portfolio. His fame spans the continent, as one of his pivotal roles in the TV series Luis Miguel: The Series has found great acclaim in Latin America. In addition to his work on screen, he has also taken on production. In 2020 Boneta produced and starred in the film Nuevo Orden.

Courtesy of Omega

Among a love for film and the arts, Boneta has expressed a strong interest in watches and revels in the intricacies of design and the showmanship that the accessory provides. His passion for watches makes his relationship with OMEGA one of authenticity and passion, pictured here donning the 43mm Aqua Terra Worldtimer GMT.

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