OMEGA Launches Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer for the Space Enthusiast

If only Matt Damon had one of these in “The Martian”

Swiss luxury watchmaker OMEGA is introducing a new watch to the market, built for collectors and astronomists alike. The Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer is assembled for the space traveler, traversing Mars’ arid terrain and building new life. Or, until we actually get to Mars, the watch serves as an opulent commemoration of all that space travel could be. 

Image courtesy of OMEGA

The Speedmaster X-33 Martstimer is built with both earthly and Mars-ready features, making it the perfect watch for the everyday collector and the professional scientist. Encased in grade 2 titanium, the Marstimer includes an MTC function to track Mars’ sol date and time at the prime meridian. The watch also includes a solar compass, allowing the wearer to find true north on both Earth and Mars. In maintaining the progress from OMEGA’s Speedmaster Skywalker X33, the Marstimer includes MET (Mission Elapsed Time), PET (Phase Elapsed Time), alarms, and a perpetual calendar. 

Like all OMEGA watches, the design of the Marstimer is sleek and clean. The classic black dial provides a clean backdrop for the watch’s various features, and Earth and Mars functions are easily distinguishable. Circling the dial is an oxalic anodized aluminum bezel ring in red hematite color, reminding one of the dusty landscape of the Martian desert. The seconds hand is also this red hematite color, maintaining the Martian imaging throughout the watch. 

Image courtesy of OMEGA

The Marstimer is a fascinating addition to OMEGA’s space collection. It seems that ever since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, sporting their OMEGA Speedmasters, the watch brand has been infatuated by the intersections of space travel and watch design. Like the Speedmaster, the Marstimer is able to toe the line of utility and design effectively. For the professional, it’s an insightful tool available right on your wrist. For the everyday watch-wearer, it’s a fascinating design and a story to tell.

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