Omega Releases New Moonwatch Straps

Prepare your watch for blast-off.

Luxury watchmaker Omega has a particular set of bragging rights: the company made the first watch to land on the moon. Lance Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wore Omega Speedmaster watches during their historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969. This model has been on the market since 1957, but the astronauts didn’t wear the version we’re used to seeing. A metal band would have been cumbersome in space, and it wouldn’t have fit easily over their spacesuits. Adjustable velcro bands were the solution. In a nod to that history, these space-ready watch straps are available for purchase in black, white, or silver.

The straps are designed to pair with the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch and feature the NASA “meatball” logo on the shorter end of a unique two-piece design. Omega collaborated with NASA on the straps, aiming to capture the optimism and excitement of the moon landing made possible by the famous space agency. The new Moonwatch straps make the perfect gift for any proud Speedmaster owner and space travel buff.

Buzz Aldrin with his Omega watch. NASA.

The Speedmaster itself, which recently received a Master Chronometer certification, is remarkably precise and beautifully designed, with prices starting around $5,000. The new Moonwatch straps aren’t quite so expensive; they will be available at boutiques for $190.

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