On PFW’s Final Day, It’s ‘Oui Oui’ to the Hadid Sisters

Bella and Gigi Hadid flaunt their contrasting personal styles as fashion week steams ahead.

The Hadid sisters’ relationship is akin to spouses who share a profession, except they can purchase one card for their parents’ respective birthdays. They invoke Kardashian-like similarities, a Middle Eastern-mystique if you will, but the difference is that they address their maternal grandmother as Oma. Still, they are two very different breeds of supermodeldom, exemplified in Paris Fashion Week, September 23rd to October 1st, 2019, when Bella again went brunette while her older sister Gigi, stayed blonde. In spite of their twinning, when it comes to off-duty style, there is no doubt that this phenomenon is fraternal.

In fact, at the CFDA/Vogue Americans in Paris function, both sisters were photographed walking, one elbow woven into the crux of the other, wearing two-piece pantsuits in the other’s hair color. Gigi sported an Oscar de la Renta ensemble: a sleeveless faux plunging faux neckline created by draping that allowed one side to cross in front of the other. That was neatly tucked into a pair of trousers in the same shade of brown—a cognac knockoff of brunette—with floral patchwork cascading below the left knee. Bella, however, was topless, sporting a Vivienne Westwood sports-like blazer in a blonde yellow, with broad, structured shoulders falling over high-waist, harem-like trousers in the same color. While Gigi Hadid may seem to pull off the summer 2020 designs with her California vibe, she was more in line with her sissy’s power suit when on October 1st, she tapped into her own power on the final PFW Chanel runway. Gigi blocked off a female spectator dressed in black and white tweed who jumped on the catwalk, slyly joining the models single-file, and escorted her off.

But not all their dates were so formal an affair. A sisterly lunch al fresco was documented on Instagram: wrapped baguette-sandwiches, but in true Gigi fashion, defending her Masterchef Celebrity title for making the best hamburger, and living up to being an ambassador for McDonald’s during Coachella, she packed the essentials for the trip—ketchup and mustard. Bella and Gigi partied with Rihanna who dropped a surprise collection in Paris that spoofed common American office attire post-NYFW exhibition. Bella had on a white pinstripe three-piece, the blazer similar to the aforementioned, except the broad shoulders fell slightly below her actual shoulders for an oversized look. And as appropriate for the workplace, she opted for a solid white tee underneath that was not only partially covered by the open coat, but also covered by a strapless pinstripe chest-less bustier that sat at the waist, above matching pants over leopard print heels. Her hair was slicked off her face in a tight bun, with hoop earrings on full display to match her layered necklaces. Older sister Gigi’s hair was slickened wet, combed back, and unhindered, cascading down her back. She had on a mellow lemon-drop yellow-colored jersey t-shirt dress, the long-sleeves falling past her hand with an airy slit. Peeking from underneath the button-downed midi dress were a pair of snakeskin knee-high boots. Their renditions of the typical work uniform could not be more different.

The designers seemed to have taken notice of their opposite-end-of-the-spectrum style. For Off-White’s Fall 2019 show for the last PFW, Bella had on a superhero reminiscent cape, duster coat hybrid, fastened at the neck with the remaining buttons left unclosed so that it billowed about her, revealing a high-waist short-short and wrinkled pointy-toe boot. She was dressed from head-to-toe in a diamond pattern in the lemon drop yellow Gigi had on for the Fenty after-party and a slate gray. Gigi, however, had on a solid black dress with effeminate bows tied on either shoulder with a demure thigh-high slit straight down the middle so that when she walked, a pair of predominantly white sneakers could be spotted a mile away. This time, both had on hot pink dresses and stark white strappy sandals. True to being the elder, Gigi had a high-neck maxi, streamlined and body-hugging, with a subtle split. Bella had on a spaghetti strap asymmetrically hemmed voluminous dress.

Make no mistake; their casual street style is not as buttoned-up. Gigi had on a floor-length plaid t-shirt dress, unbuttoned over a crew neck with black leggings covered by bobby ankle white socks in white sneakers. With her hair nonchalantly floating over her shoulders and down her back, she had on black round sunglasses that mirrored her round face. Sister Bella, buttoned up her crisp highlighter pink shirt underneath a matching unbuttoned coat, some of which of the shirt was left hanging from outside her high waist, relaxed fitting jeans that wrinkled above black combat boots. Her hair was hidden beneath a New York Yankees cap, and she too had on black sunglasses, but in a square shape that reflected her angular face structure. As PFW culminates, it is no doubt that the Hadid sisters made no effort to tame their American style in their own unique way.

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