On The Radar: Heliot Emil

Brothers Victor and Julius Juul have spent the last few years becoming one of the most recognizable menswear brands in Denmark, named after their grandfather

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“We think Copenhagen is always pushing the boundaries in different ways. We’ve seen a wave in architecture, in gastronomy, with Denmark having the number one and two restaurants in the world. I think that this is now trickling into the fashion industry. And across the Nordics, there is definitely a cohesiveness with some of the tendencies that we have. There is a camaraderie that is unique.

Designers Victor and Julius Juul photographed with muse: Fabio Caldera

That said, we can’t deny that there is a cap to what is possible within the Nordic countries. Even if you max out on reaching everyone in all the Nordic countries combined, you’re still only halfway through Germany. But we’ve all really teamed up with Copenhagen Fashion Week, and that’s a step in the right direction.”

—Victor & Julius Juul

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