Artists to Watch in 2017

Artists to Watch in 2017

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Artists to Watch in 2017

While plenty of artists shot to the top in 2016, there were a select few more planting sonic seeds in the background, building solid fan bases and lots of buzz. Here, we round up the ones we're betting big on in 2017, adding to the list as more and more come closer to take off.

While plenty of artists shot to the top in 2016, there were a select few more planting sonic seeds in the background, building solid fan bases and lots of buzz. Here, we round up the ones we're betting big on in 2017, adding to the list as more and more come closer to take off.

Text: Ian David Monroe


The 21-year-old British singer has got it all: the voice, the look, the charisma, and the fans. Her latest music video for "Blow Your Mind (MWAH)" already has 20 million views, and presents her as the superstar-in-training that she is, leading her gang of girls with effortless cool. Lipa recently ended her tour with Troye Sivan where the two traveled the U.S., picking up plenty of followers along the way. Her debut album is expected in early 2017, world domination to quickly follow.


Rogers had just graduated from NYU when a video of her classroom encounter with Pharrell Williams went viral. As Rogers played her track "Alaska," the producer/singer couldn't contain his amazement. His facial reaction alone launched a career. After signing a deal with Capitol Records, Rogers followed up her explosive entrance with another stellar track, "Dog Years," proving she's far more than a one-hit wonder. In February 2017, she'll release her debut EP, then it's tour time. In five minutes, she sold-out Bowery Ballroom, later selling out L.A.'s Troubadour. In that sense, her success in 2017 is already secured.


This L.A. three-piece released their debut EP, The Loudspeaker, in March of this year, which caught early buzz, but hadn't quite rocketed the band onto the radio. It wasn't until that the release of "I Know A Place," earlier this month, that the band's high trajectory was clear. The track premiered on TIME with a long imploring our writers by vocalist Katie Gavin about the need for love and healing. The two themes sit at the root of the track's message. The piece proved that the band is far more complex (and smart!) than mainstream pop gets credit for. In February, they drop their debut album, About U, which (based on an early listen) will top year-end lists everywhere.


With a voice like Cher and a face like Gwen Stefani, the U.K.'s Betsy is bound to be a star. The singer started in fashion, studying at the esteemed Central Saint Martins then moving to Paris to work at Balenciaga. She gave it all up though to move back to her hometown in Wales and into a trailer in her brother's backyard. There she recorded booming dance-heavy tracks that far surpass her contemporaries. V is so sure of Betsy's success that we put gave her her first cover, for our V104 Special Digital Edition.


The New Jersey-based rapper recently finished touring with The 1975 and just dropped a new track, "Rewind," with Lil Yachty. There are rumors she's signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, speculation caused by who the label follows on Twitter—all artists signed to them and Shake. At the very least, it confirms that the rapper is on the radar of a powerful group of creators meaning 2017 should be quite the year.


This trio popped onto the scene in perhaps the biggest way possible—by having their first ever song soundtrack a Kylie Jenner lip kit commercial. Because of the gilded plug, many speculated that Terror Jr's mysterious vocalist was Jenner herself. Months later, Jenner denied involvement, but the solid fanbase had already been built—their track "Come First" already has 62 million plays on Spotify. With two more EPs and a tour expected in 2017, there is no doubt that Terror Jr is a second away from international success.

Lia Marie Johnson

This YouTuber made her first official foray into music with the heart-crushing track “DNA,” which premiered on V. Given it’s 4 million views already and Johnson’s 1.6 million followers, this singer’s success seems all but given. After a few early listens of demos, it's safe to say she'll be a princess of the sultry tracks made mainstream by Lana Del Rey. It doesn’t hurt that she’s managed by Creed Co, which also manages another YouTube crossover, Troye Sivan. You might remember him from our V103 cover.

Parson James

Following the massive success of his collaboration with Kygo, “Stole The Show,” Parson James is back to putting his solo work in the spotlight. Who could forget his Temple EP? Following the release of his latest single, “Sad Song,” James is set to release his debut album in 2017, which is sure to be packed full of soul and a little sass.


LEON is an artist you’ve probably never heard of, but it’s not because she doesn’t have the talent. The singer exploded on the scene with her 2015 track “Tired of Talking,” and since then has been relatively quiet at work on her debut album. Fans have been treated to “Think Bout You” and “Liar” in 2016, but it’s her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” that proves the talent just waiting latently under the surface. Her debut album is expected in 2017, and it’s sure to be lit.

Noah Cyrus

If “Cyrus” has you thinking of Miley and Billy Ray, then you’re on the right track. The latest member of this famous musical family stepped out in 2016 with her debut track “Make Me (Cry)” and she’s already racked up 33 million plays. She’s clearly got the talent, and if she’s getting any advice from her sister or dad, she’s pretty set for a massive 2017.

Zara Larsson

You know Zara Larsson already; she was nominated for Best New Artist at the MTV Music Awards this year, which might have you wondering why she’s on the list. The truth is even with the success of her tracks “Never Forget You,” “Ain’t My Fault,” and “I Would Like,” she doesn’t seem to have come anywhere close to her full potential. Luckily, she’s got an album coming out in 2017, and it’s bound to be big. If she’s on David Guetta’s radar, she should be on yours too.


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