Our Favorite Fashion Moments So Far In Euphoria Season 2

From vintage dresses to custom bags, here are our favorite outfits from the season thus far.

With the latest episode airing this past Sunday, Euphoria is officially halfway through its second season. Since the initial premiere in 2019, the work of head costume designer Heidi Bivens has been an essential device in detailing each of the character’s archetypes and the complexities of their narratives. Since the specials that premiered in January of last year, the ensemble cast has been going through a grand transition, and their wardrobes reflect this through the additions of vintage-brand and emerging designer names. Here are some of our favorite moments thus far:

Zendaya wearing Jean Paul Gaultier FW94 

Image courtesy of HBO

Rue’s father’s burgundy hoodie was essential to everything she wore during the first season; this season’s premiere showed a different side of Rue as seen in this vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s hard to say if this transition means that she is reconciling with her father’s death, but it is a glimpse into a side of Rue that we tend not to see due to her aversion to fashion, even with the encouragement of Jules.

Hunter Schafer wearing Aya Takano x Issey Miyake FW04

Image courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO

Hunter Schafer’s character Jules had the biggest style evolution out of all cast since season one. Having channeled Sailor Moon, glitter, and American apparel of the past, Jules’ new closet reveals how she has been dealing with expressing her femininity since her special premiered in January 2021. This season, Jules’s ties with her femininity have changed into an experimental expression; as seen in the Aya Takano vest she wears in episode three, her terms of fashion have shifted.

Sydney Sweeney wearing Marc Jacobs 


Image courtesy of HBO

Cassie has always chosen between pinks and blues and finding the perfect line between tacky and classy. After her iconic Alabama Worley looks for last year’s Halloween episode, Cassie’s new wardrobe is staged after the continuation of dealing with her femininity and how it is taken for granted by men. This Marc Jacobs dress is a perfect culmination of this dilemma, showing that Cassie’s wardrobe is a play of dress-up so she can find the most beautiful form of herself. 

Alexa Demie wearing Miaou with customized Dior saddle bag 

Image courtesy of Eddy Chen

Alexa Demie’s Maddy Perez reigns as queen bee at East Highland High School. The second season resumes her reign with a new babysitting job for a rich couple (the wife being played by Minka Kelly) and a break-up with Nate Jacobs. Maddy’s newfound clarity is dressed by her experimentation in vintage Chanel and Mugler. But for us, this look by Miaou and crew-customized saddle bag takes the cake for supplying the perfect outfit inspo.

Maude Apatow wearing Miu Miu

Image courtesy of HBO

For Lexi, Miuccia Prada’s sister line Miu Miu is perfect branding for the character who feels like she will always be in her sister’s shadow. As stated by trend analyst and fashion writer Mandy Lee in a recent TikTok, she suggests that Miu Miu is perfect for Lexi’s character archetype as the “quirky” friend. Miu Miu is an intellectual representation of Lexi’s new creative outlet, her play, and we are excited to see what she will pull off next.

Barbie Ferreira wearing custom AUNÉ Collections

Image courtesy of @aunecollections on Instagram

Kat is still into dark fashion like the first season, but the obvious BDSM edge has disappeared from a mature punk aesthetic. Wore Mimi Wade, Unif, but this Auné Collection look is our favorite because it is a culmination of Kat: cool girl. She does not need the leather wear or bright red lipstick to prove that she is past her authoring fanfiction days. 

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