Our Favorite Moments From Beyoncé's Lemonade

Our Favorite Moments From Beyoncé's Lemonade

Queen B Broke The Internet Yet Again With The Release Of Lemonade, Her Most Personal Project Yet

Queen B Broke The Internet Yet Again With The Release Of Lemonade, Her Most Personal Project Yet

Text: William Defebaugh

This weekend, Beyoncé released Lemonade, her latest visual album, exclusively on Tidal (owned by her husband, Jay Z) during the world premiere of the album's accompanying film of the same name that aired on HBO at 10PM on Saturday night.

Like 2013's album Beyoncé, Lemonade is as much about the video component as it is the music. While the previous release had segmented videos, Lemonade tells one clear narrative, integrating the album's songs with highly conceptual visuals and poignant historical allusions—and a baseball bat named Hot Sauce—interspersed with spoken word poetry by British-Somali poet Warsan Shire.

The narrative addressed in Lemonade is a deeply personal one. While Bey has remained radio silent ever since her marriage came under speculation with elevator-gate, this album sees the singer addressing her problems at home in the most intimate way possible. The first words spoken on the project all but confirm adultery on the part of her husband: "You can taste the dishonesty/It’s all over your breath." What follows is a journey that not only details Beyoncé's own experience with adultery in her marriage, but also connects her struggle to the rich history of subtle misogyny that women—especially black women—have been facing ever since the institution of marriage was invented.

And then there is the music, which shows Beyoncé at her strongest and most raw. With tracks that feature James Blake, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and more, the album's sounds are as varied and complex as the subject matter it deals with. "6 INCH" is a strip club slow jam that tells its own stirring story about the struggles of a working class woman, while songs like "Freedom" serve as an anthem—not just for black power, which is of course pervasive on the album, but also liberation from Beyoncé's own demons.

For fans of Bey Z, don't worry: the story has a happy ending. Beyoncé proves she has been able to make lemonade out of the proverbial lemons that life has given her—with some of the album's most touching final tracks, including "Sandcastles" and "All Night" (paired with moving home footage from Jay Z's grandmother's 90th birthday toast, where Hatty White made her own speech about lemonade).

Click through the slideshow above to see a few of our favorite moments from the film, and be sure to listen to the album for yourself (available to stream on Tidal and for purchase on iTunes).



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