Our Gorpcore Picks To Stay Hot In Cold Weather

Gorpcore is this fall’s fashion staple.

Gorpcore has gotten hot since the temperatures started cooling off. But, the aesthetic isn’t necessarily new. The term was actually coined by The Cut in 2017 and stands for ‘Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts’-core, which is a fancy way of saying trail mix-core.

The aesthetic combines the utilitarian features of hiking gear and outdoor wear with the fashionable styles of city dwellers. Offering a uniquely stylish yet comfortable and functional way of dressing that can flatter everyone regardless of body type or gender.

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The universality and functionality of the aesthetic are a major reason why it picked up momentum since its initial coining. However, if you have taken a walk through Brooklyn these past few weeks, you can see the style is as big as its ever been.

Plus, if you’ve been watching this past fashion month unfold, you can see the influence the aesthetic has had on major luxury brands this season. All those cargo-esque pockets, workwear-looking clothes, and utilitarian designs can all find their roots in the gorpcore trend.

Heck, even Maison Margiela debuted a collaboration with outdoor brand Salomon during this past Milan Fashion week.

Staples of the gorpcore look include hiking boots, rain jackets, water-resistant cargo pants, puffer jackets, and layers on top of layers.

Major brands gorpcore aficionados swear by are Arc’teryx, The North Face, Columbia, and of course, Salomon. However, brands like the previously mentioned Maison Margiela and even Rick Owens and Prada have taken materials and features central to the aesthetic and turned them into high fashion runway looks.

So, whether your looking to be the best-dressed gorpcore girl or just trying to look hot in the cold weather V have compiled some of the best options to get your gorp on.

To get into gorpcore, you’re going to want to start with a solid jacket, most likely from Arc’teryx or The North Face. But designer brands like Prada have amazing options if you have the extra money. Here are some of our favorites.


Photo via Arc’teryx

Shop this Arc’teryx jacket here.

Photo via Arc’teryx

Shop this Arc’teryx jacket here.

Photo via Prada

Shop this Prada jacket here.

And if you want to hike in the morning and catch a meeting after or just have one of the coolest blazers ever, try this:

Photo via Arc’teryx

Shop this Arc’teryx blazer here.

But, if you can get your hands on any of the Maison Margiela x The North Face or Salomon collaborations, that is some of the best gorpcore you can buy.


Then, you’re going to need some cool hiking boots. You can get a decent pair for cheap from just about anywhere, but if you have a little extra money to spend, try these:

Photo via SSENSE

Shop these Off-White boots here.

Photo via Salomon

Shop these Salomon boots here.

Photo via Prada

Shop these Prada boots here.


You will also want some pants. Parachute pants are always a good gorpcore moment and will look great with your boots and jackets. But, if those aren’t your style, most cargo pants and water-resistant hiking pants will do.

Photo via SSESNE

Shop these Dion Lee pants here.

Photo via Prada

Shop these Prada pants here.

And for a more affordable option, try these pants from Jaded London.

Photo via JADED London


Lastly, accessories didn’t hurt anyone! Pair your gorpcore moments with chunky jewelry, fun beanies, purses, or totes. Here are some of our picks.

Photo via REI

Shop this Arc’teryx hat here.

Photo via SSENSE

Shop this Balenciaga hat here.

Photo via SSENSE

Shop this AMOMENTO bag here.

Photo via SSENSE

Shop this Maison Margiela bag here.

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