Our Reactions to Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show

Rihanna has never missed a beat.

Remember those earlier, primitive days when we used to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? In 2012, Rihanna performed at the mid-2000s underwear mainstay, stealing the spotlight with her incomparable strut.

That was just child’s play, and now the musician-turned-mogul has a fashion show of her own, doing what those little Angels could only dream of. The Savage x Fenty Show, which debuted last September, has returned with an Amazon Prime airdate on September 20, so those at home can share the magic. With dance numbers performed by Normani and Laverne Cox, the label continues its commitment to diverse casting and a celebration of black womanhood. Here are the moments that left us gagging:

Leaving Our Phones Behind:

Rihanna is prone to secrecy (when is that new album dropping??), but to part with our cell phones for over two hours seemed almost unbearable. We knew what lied ahead would be worth it, but if only we could snap a video for our Instagram story.

When the Lights Went Out:

It’s actually starting!!! What does Ms. Fenty have in store for us? Will we survive the experience?

When They Told Us We’d Be Filmed:

It’s a paparazzi moment, and we’ve never been more honored to be part of a show. If you catch us in the bottom corner, we can refer you to our agent for potential cover opportunities. Everyone looks good in Fenty lighting.

Seeing the Star-Studded Cast (and Audience): 

If you swoon easy, Savage x Fenty is not the place for you. The show was a veritable who’s-who of celebrities, artists, and influencers. Topping it off with music performances by A$AP Ferg, Migos, and Tierra Whack, this was so much more than a runway show—it’s an extravaganza. Laverne Cox led a dance squad. Miley Cyrus and Saweetie among others lurked in the crowd. What more could you ask for?

Watching Rihanna First Hit the Stage:

The show opened with a performance by none other than Rihanna herself. It’s been fifty years since we’ve last gotten an album from the legend, but she’s blessed us with her presence tonight. It’s enough to make anyone weak, but we kept it together in her honor.

Fan-Girling Over the Models:

With models including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, and Alek Wek, we know this would be a show for the ages. We’ve missed Cara’s smolder, brandishing a jewel-studded leather switch as she struts in Fenty fashion. The Hadid sisters have never made a misstep, and Joan Smalls served goddess-like grace. What can we say? They have the range!

Making a Headcount of the YouTubers and Influencers:

As if to let you know this is a lingerie fashion show for the modern age, Internet stars and influencers studded the crowd. We caught glimpses of James Charles, Bennydrama, and Tana Mongeau. For the (ahem, more *experienced*) millennials, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens were also in attendance. Icons only.

Getting Our Nerd On to Figure Out the Fortress:

The set design for the show featured a giant pink-and-blue fortress-type structure, and we know Rihanna never does anything on accident. So, we busted out our best historical knowledge in an attempt to get a glimpse into the fashion maven’s mind. If the VS Show takes place in heaven, Savage x Fenty wants you to know they’ve built an empire here on Earth.

Freaking Out When Normani Busted THAT Move:

How has Normani only just stepped onto the scene and already has her foot on our necks? The pop princess didn’t even need to sing to show off her sexy dance moves, including a body roll that had us ready to risk it all.

Knowing Victoria’s Secret is Quaking

VS has gotten its fair share of bad press lately, but Rihanna seems to have come in for the kill. After watching that show, every Angel should be shaking in their thigh-high boots. Will the lingerie brand ever recover, or did VS simply fly too close to the sun? Savage x Fenty has poised itself as the future—and present—of high-end nightwear. Not even wings can help them keep up.

When Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty Took Her Final Bow:


Catching Anna Wintour On Her Way Out:

Legends need to make a speedy exit, which is why we were quick on the heels of the media icon as she scrambled into her escape van. Let the commoners walk—Anna has places to be.

Knowing We Can Relive the Experience Again:

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show will be available to stream on Amazon Prime starting September 20th. Until then, our hearts will go on.

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