Our Top 10 Favorite Frank Ocean Looks Over the Years

The man, the myth, the legend. Happy 33rd birthday, Frank!

With the arrival of Scorpio season comes a handful of our favorite holidays and days of celebration—Halloween, National Chocolate Day, and most importantly, Frank Ocean’s birthday.

Though the musician is notoriously inconspicuous on social media and is rarely sighted IRL, when he does make an appearance, he does it exceptionably stylishly. So, what better way to celebrate the artist than to remember some of our favorite looks put together and worn by him? Below are our top 10 favorite Frank Ocean fashion moments—happy 33rd to everybody’s favorite Scorpio! (If you want to put out a new album soon as a birthday gift to us, no one would complain…)

1. The Floor-Length Tutu

via @blonded

It’s not up for debate to say that Frank Ocean can pull off just about anything, and a floor-length tulle tutu with white tiered layers isn’t the exception. While we do wish we had a moment of him actually wearing the tutu, a mirror pic with the bleached hair, lime green long-sleeve and pinstriped blazer is definitely still a look worthy of making the list.

2. The Iconic Activism Tee

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After Frank Ocean wore this anti-discrimination T-shirt onstage at Panorama Music Festival, it immediately went viral and dupes popped up all over the Internet. Maybe one of his most iconic and well-known looks (if you say you haven’t seen pictures of him during this performance, buzzed blue hair and all, I wouldn’t believe you), it is not only one of our favorite Frank Fashion Moments, but it’s one of our favorite and most important messages, too: why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?

3. The Rhinestoned Coke Can Bag


via @blonded

Every good fashionista knows that accessorizing is key, and Frank Ocean has clearly internalized this message with his cross-body bejeweled Coke can “evening bag.” Classy, fun and a statement piece? Check, check and check.

4. The Coolest Sunnies

via @blonded

Even back in 2017, Frank Ocean was making waves with his fun eyewear. This pic with a simple “Hey y’all” caption on his Instagram is more than deserving of a ranking on the list of his best fashion moments, and it pretty much speaks for itself (cool accessories are always a safe bet). Shoutout to Frank for reminding us all to have fun in the sun.

5. High-Fashion Babushka


via @blonded

This 2019 FaceTime screenshot from Frank’s Instagram might just be the height of fashion: a silk headscarf, emerald hoodie and oval thin-rimmed glasses make for the perfect high-quality, low-effort fit. If you want to elevate any look, just add a silk babushka-style headscarf—Frank knew it, and shared his genius with the Instagram world.

6. The Perfect Graphic Tee

Not many people can take a picture with A$ap Rocky without their outfit being humbled in comparison to his, but Frank Ocean can. His Paris Fashion Week look is forever iconic—the sleek black pinstripe suit with narrow lapels would be chic enough on its own, but Ocean takes it to the next level with the vivid graphic tee underneath it, creating a fun and playful look.


7. The 30th Birthday Sparkle Tights

via Essence

Frank Ocean knows how to celebrate his birthday in style—literally. One of his most beloved and unforgettable fashion moments was at his 30th birthday party, when he dazzled the room in a pair of $3,900 women’s Gucci sparkly tights (and his iconic shades again). If this isn’t the best rendition of a birthday suit, we don’t know what is.

8. His Stripey Street Style

via J. Webber

On the streets of Soho, it’s not uncommon to find impeccable fashion taste, and Frank Ocean doesn’t disappoint. Yes, his striped shirt and blue jeans with a nicely accessorized brown belt make for a wonderfully styled fit, but what completes the look is the pop of color on top: his millennial pink hair, a perfectly dyed accent to any look.

9. The Bold Yet Simple Met Gala Tux

via Getty Images

Even back in 2014, Frank Ocean wore a tux like no one else. The “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” theme saw him in an expertly cut and tailored outfit, complete with glossy shoes and tight black pants. What makes this look even classier and more elevated than it would have otherwise been is the off-white tuxedo jacket to offset the pure white shirt underneath, adding dimension and layers to the full outfit.

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