Paco Rabanne Celebrates Retro Mediterranean Flair For Spring/Summer 2022

The Parisian fashion house grants every wanderlust wish in a recently released collection of vivid colors, contrasting patterns and metallics galore.

Vacation. Let’s talk about it. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that it’s the number one thing humanity has been craving this past year of ongoing lockdowns, slow vaccine rollouts and travel restrictions that have only dimmed the possibility of a summer getaway. Romantic reveries of frolicking alongside a crystal blue coastline and sipping aperol al fresco in a faraway piazza to the tune of a lover’s guitar (just me?) swirl in our minds but alas, reality hits and quashed is the dream of that Éric Rohmer-esque jet-setting lifestyle.

That being said, until the opportunity arises for a Sicilian escape or a Saint Tropez getaway, I will be eating, breathing, and dressing as such. It’s manifestation, isn’t it? Luckily for those who are in my daydream boat, Paco Rabanne recently released their latest collection — a virtual show filmed seaside in Monaco and dare I say, a feast for the eyes. 

So what exactly are we feasting on? Well, a whole lot of everything. Minimalism is out, maximalism is in. The memo is “more is more” for Spring/Summer 2022. We’ve gone for far too long being hidden in our homes, now is the time for statement. Not statement pieces, but full outfits.

Soundtracked to the 1977 disco hit, “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by Baccara, the 70s-imbued collection showcases a wardrobe of looks perfect for just that. The cliffside locale of Monaco’s Center of Congress’ roof, featuring a 24,000-rainbow tiled Hexa Grace installation by Victor Vasarely, sets the boogie-oogie tone. Sticking true to Paco Rabanne form, sequins and all things shiny return. (This is the house who brought us the iconic looks of Barbarella, after all.) But a bohemian flavor is added to the sartorial mix as creative director Julien Dossena celebrates the hedonistic air of 1970s-Mediterranean-living-globetrotters. You know the form.

“Since this is now our main collection, there was a desire to explore graphics as a panoply of ideas,” noted Dossena in a release. And explore he did.

Geometric patterns of rectangular and circular persuasion take form across glimmering sequin and soft silk fabrics that just look oh-so-much better in the southern European sunshine. In one word, it’s fun. There’s color, there’s dimension — polka dotted bucket hats, vivid floral patterned tunics, and groovy caps with golden tassels that give Cher-like “don’t look at me, I’m famous” but also “look at me because I’m wearing cool clothes” energy. Macrame is elevated from bohemian bedroom decor into high fashion boho chic, as seen by Dossena’s macrame-lined leather belt or the two-piece beaded halter top and pants moment. Metallic hues, cobalt blues and fuschia pink stand out in this eclectic color palette.

This just in: we’re dusting off the archived gladiator sandal. Dossena says strappy leather sandals with criss-crossing laces that wrap around one’s entire calf are back in and we’re here for it. Clogs and wedges are rightfully spotlighted, too, keeping in tune with the modernized ’70s-inspired vibe. Anything with a platform can stay

And lest we forget to mention: the chain. It’s the star of the show, the highlight accessory of the line. Chunky chains serve as necklaces, drape around the torso as belts or stack upon each other as bracelets. And that it-girl Paco Rabanne chainlink bag? It returns, as well, in addition to sequin bags that glimmer like tiny little disco balls. 

Just how Paco Rabanne nailed the aesthetic of retro Mediterranean partygoer is no secret: Dossena is an escapist, too. Describing the line in a recent preview in Paris as one aimed to connect to “that primal sensation and the happiness that you feel” in the summer sun, the 33-look lineup is a fantasy we can live through, a daydream facilitator and quite frankly, the closest alternative one can find to a coastal summer respite.

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