Photographed in front of photos of the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero, Paco Rabanne’s new collection combines styles from the ‘70s and ‘90s to create a modern aesthetic. Emphasizing ease and individuality, both daytime and evening looks are shown in neutral blacks, browns, and camels with accents of silvery sequins, pale pinks, and olive greens. 

Mixing casual styles of ripped jeans and knitwear with the elegance of long dresses and miniskirts, Paco Rabanne is certainly playing with texture in the way garments are layered. Highlights from the collection include a black sequined minidress with an oversized Nordic scarf, in addition to a burgundy patterned sweater vest paired with pink jeans and a gold belt. 

Attention to texture is evident, as metal mesh and rivets are contrasted by the softness of velvet and suede. The collection combines sports and military elements along with classic Rabanne elements like sequins and chainmail-like fabrics to create a French, eclectic style. 

Inspired by grunge, chain belts and straps mimicking ice cubes are paired with shoes by New Rock. The two brands collaborated to create steel-toed boots that fit with the collection’s various statement bags like compact and slouchy shoulder bags along with spacious cabas and bucket bags.

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