Palomo Spain releases collection ‘Nuevo Día’

Palomo Spain releases collection ‘Nuevo Día’


Palomo Spain releases collection ‘Nuevo Día’

The collection presents a new side of the Palomo brand, focusing on reality with a twist of sixties and seventies delight.

The collection presents a new side of the Palomo brand, focusing on reality with a twist of sixties and seventies delight.

Text: Greg Marku

Palomo Spain’s new collection ‘Nuevo Día’ is an introduction to a new chapter for the brand’s path on the fifth anniversary of when creative director Alejandro Gómez Palomo began his career in the fashion industry. With this new chapter, Palomo takes a look back to the sixties and seventies and the self-improvement and luminosity that took place within those decades.

In an exclusive interview with V, Palomo reflected on his beginnings with the brand and the new direction they’re taking. The initial approach was focused on “doing fantasy world and things that nobody or no one would wear or normally wear and it was really my thing to do at the time to really be thinking of clothes and be looking at fashion at very different way or couture way that was normally thought for men.”

He added, “And now I think we’ve really found a balance, we found a way the brand can really survive.”

Even though the brand started only five years ago, stars like Beyonce, Harry Styles, and Rosalia have provided validation and growth for the brand, but he would like to see Timothée Chalamet, Hunter Schafer, and Jack Dylan Grazer in his clothes because he believes, “All these new kids that are coming with such a refreshing idea of style and fashion and I think they fit perfectly in the work that I do.”

The focus on reality and its time periods coincide with the idea of the pacifist movement and hippie aesthetics, energetically responding to the current adverse times we are in. Palomo explained that: “It’s the whole idea of the Palomo Boy with all the historical clothes, with all the fashion journey through the times and through history, but someone you can really find on the streets and I think for the first time now we’ve kind of managed to create someone that’s really real. I’m trying to get it closer to reality but without losing any strength, I think this time we’ve really managed to make a universe that can live within the universe we’re living these days.”

The digital runway presenting the collection takes place at Gemasolar, a solar thermal energy plant, to put the collection in the right context of the sixties and seventies embrace of fresh air. The solar panels provide natural light as the collection is displayed with a variety of floral prints and light colors and jockstrap shell cups, or codpieces, worn on both men and women.

Palomo’s love for cotton, wools, tulle, and organzas shines through with original knits and denim pieces. There is a mix of big and flowy capes and pants and extra-long sleeves with fitted palazzo trousers and stitched detailed tops and slim-fit Bermuda shorts. The time period references are apparent in the sixties-inspired hats, with bucket hats and newsie caps with brocade and Palomo’s signature feathers.

One of the standouts of the collection includes a harlequin diamond pattern with yellow organza exposing a floral top, that also includes built-in gloves, and denim pants. Another look includes a light pink jacket and trousers with detailed black designs going along the collar, cuffs, and fold of the jacket, topped with black sunglasses and a pink gingham cap.

While it still has signature feathers, crystal beads, and Swarovski elements, the change in style and inspiration for the collection has been a slow growth for the brand as Palomo has established a community and customer following, and decided to continue his shift during the pandemic. “At the beginning with the pandemic I was so scared and so pessimistic, but it only luckily lasted for a few days because I was ‘Okay, we’ve got nothing to do.’”

He studied the community and customers who are regularly purchasing his pieces and completely focused on the entire channel of sales through their website. Palomo personally worked on new aspects that he never participated in, “living in my own creative universe without really caring about anything else that was happening around and it was really an opportunity to become more of a part of the business side of the company and try to enjoy that as well.”

The new collection mirrors that shift. “It’s been really a collection that’s been done from us to our customers and to our community and that’s not changing anything for the front row or anything like that, it’s just really for the customers and that’s really been the biggest change in the company in the last year that I really got involved in all that and I could see myself enjoying it so for me it’s been really a positive year.”

In a difficult year filled with dramatic changes, Palomo has found a new groove for his work and growth of the Palomo universe and he believes, “If we’ve gone this far, we can go much further.


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