Forthcoming Show Explores Genesis P-Orridge’s Life’s Work

Amid declining health, Genesis P-Orridge to open “Pandrogeny I & II.”

As the decade comes to a close, nostalgia for the icons of yesteryear seems to be at a fever pitch. Genesis P-Orridge is one such icon, with h/er early post-punk work circa the late ’70s recently rebooted by the record label Mute. But as P-Orridge’s defining work as a solo artist is one that attempts to transcend the space-time continuum altogether. Produced in the ’90s and early 2000s with h/er late life partner Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, the Pandrogeny project was Genesis’s attempt to virtually “become” Jaye via physical and spiritual transfiguration—as exhibited in a forthcoming art show, split between the Tom of Finland Foundation and Lethal Amounts galleries in Los Angeles.  

Set to open on October 23, “Pandrogeny I & II” will showcase P-Orridge’s evolutionary legacy in a selection of paintings, photos, sculptures and installations. From paraphernalia from Psychic TV, P-Orridge’s occult-inspired rock band, to intimate self-portraiture showing the aftermath of gender-confirmation surgery, the works comprise a visual chapter book culminating in “Pandrogeny.” Coinciding with P-Orridge’s recent health issues, the exhibition also serves as a memorial for Breyer P-Orridge’s better half, Lady Jaye, memorializing the power couple’s fusion into one. 

See inside the forthcoming exhibition below.

Pandrogeny I & II Flyer
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Gender is a Drag, 2011
Collage from Pandrogeny I & II
Shoe sculpture from Pandrogeny I & II
Psychic TV album art, Pandrogeny I & II

Tongue Kiss, 2003 (courtesy: Participant, Vox Populi)
“You Are My Other Half” (2003)
Genesis and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge
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