PANGAIA Launches New Fabrics PLNT FIBER™ and FRUT FIBER™

PANGAIA releases two new fabric blends made completely of sustainable materials.

Known for being a stellar brand that gives back to the community and the earth, PANGAIA is more than your typical sustainable fashion label, especially as they are now launching two new blends of fabric alternatives: PLNT FIBER™ and FRUT FIBER™. Made entirely of plant fibers and agricultural waste, these two new fabrics further put PANGAIA at top of their commitment to their philosophy of “high-tech naturalism”, as well as “delivering problem solving science you can wear to further their journey to becoming Earth Positive by 2023.”

Straying away from the over-used non-organic cotton, PANGAIA also aims to turn away from the excessive waste and pollution that the fashion-industry relies on when creating and utilizing common fabrics.

As an alternative, PLNT FIBER™ and FRUT FIBER™ contain no traces of cotton whatsoever and will be offered in a wide range of already beloved PANGAIA styles and shapes.

PLNT FIBER™ is made from sources such as bamboo, Himalayan nettle, eucalyptus, and seaweed. It does not contain any additives or pesticides and offers a diverse blend of a new textile.

On the other hand, FRUT FIBER™ is composed of a blend of sustainably sourced bamboo lyocell and fibers from by-products of fruit production. Mimicking a synthetic material without the synthetics, FRUT FIBER™ essentially helps divert waste from landfills, providing it a new life through a different medium.

What also makes PLNT FIBER™ and FRUT FIBER™ so unique despite already being a cotton-alternative, is their “digital passport” feature which essentially bring the garment to life, allowing the wearer to access the specifics of the journey the garment has been through before it arrived in their hands. Powered by a QR code, the digital passports are designed to help accelerate greater transparency, traceability and circularity in the industry.

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