PANGAIA Launches Sustainable Sneaker Made From Grape Leather

“ultra-comfortable, highly ecological, and responsibly produced in Italy.”

Materials science company, PANGIA has been one the forefront of sustainability in the fashion world for some time. The ‘wardrobe – essentials’ focused brand manufactures their products using innovative tech and bio-engineered materials, while also using their platform to raise awareness towards prevalent environmental issues all around the world. Back in August, PANGIA designed clothing in collaboration with #TOGETHERFUND x WJSFF to spread awareness of the value of natural resources. 

This time however, the brand’s focus has shifted its gears towards the Italian wine industry. Made from plant based grape marc created from the Italian wine industry’s waste PANGAIA introduces the Grape Leather Sneaker. 

Each year, the global wine industry produces 26 billion liters of wine, which generates 6.5 billion liters of waste. This waste (grape stalks, skins and seeds) can be turned into an environmentally friendly leather alternative,” PANGAIA states. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The shoe is lightweight and versatile, while still being strong enough to endure harsh weather and daily wear. With a sole manufactured with recycled rubber created from industrial waste, this sneaker was designed with a keen awareness for orthopedic needs, which is why it features a supportive inner arch that takes into account the feet’s natural features. 

Fashion junkies and sustainability aficionados alike can choose between a black shoe with a white sole or a white shoe with a white sole. These shoes will go up for $245. 

You can pre-order a pair of Grape Leather Sneakers starting September 15th. 

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