Paris’ Le 6 Studio is a Hub for Creatives

Meet Eléonore Djen Noël, the mastermind behind the must-know creative house

Eléonore Djen Noël can’t remember the first time she picked up a camera—photography has always  been a part of her. Spending the weekends of her childhood at the Louvre taking art & photography classes, the Paris-based photographer was bound to develop a creative eye, and that’s exactly what she did. In June 2022, the visual artist opened Le 6 in Paris, her first studio and gallery rooted in the diversity of creative expression. From sculptures and paintings on display to its own photography space, Le 6 is a haven for artists and viewers alike, a childhood fantasy come true where Djen hopes fellow Black creatives can seek visibility and inspiration.

With exhibitions on view every three to six months, Le 6 Studio is a destination of captured moments and artistic passion, and everyone is welcome. Keep reading for more on V’s off the cuff conversation with Djen, as she talks more on the opening of her Parisian creative house and using it as a platform to give back to her community. 

V Magazine: Before we jump into your creative house, Le 6 Studio, let’s talk a bit about your background as a photographer. When did you fall in love with the art of photography?

Eléonore Djen Noël: As far back as I can remember, I’ve alway had a love for art, and especially photography. My dad was a photographer, my mother is a plasticien artist and they always fed me with art, starting at the early age of 6.  Every Saturday we would visit the Louvre. 

So my connection to photography and art is more about a deep and constructed love since my childhood.

V: What element of photography do you like the most? Why were you drawn to this art form as opposed to others? And how does fashion play into this with it being one of your points you explore in your work?

EDN: I think what I love the most in photography is the art of transforming time, to encapsulate a moment that no other medium can. Transforming a second into an eternity by choosing how this second will be captured and shown. I find beauty in a lot of things, it’s just a question of how you choose to look and to interpret life around you. I’m also a film director and videographer. Moving images are a completely different way of embracing reality. Fashion was also always on my mind. I was interested in it at a very early age as well. I think there is such a beautiful synergy between different kinds of art expression. 

V: Tell me about the first time you picked up a camera to take a photo! What was that experience like? How did you feel?

EDN: Well honestly I can’t remember the very first time, but my I can definitely talk about my first series that I am still very proud of. I began with street photography, shooting with my Argentique (film). I’ve learned so much through this process. How to go further to not be afraid, to be invisible but so visible at the same time, taking a close up of someone!

This experience was very challenging and I felt fearless, capturing life I was surrounded by, with total freedom, like if I had a weapon that would protect me without hurting other people.

V: That’s beautiful and you’ve had quite the trajectory since that first series. You’ve managed to take your love for photography and art and turn it into a business, tell me what made you decide to open up a studio?

EDN: A photo studio has always been a very sacred place for me. The fantasy that I had as a child is a projection of what I was seeing in old movies. It’s like a very special place in the world, made exclusively to create beautiful things, where the photographer can fully express themself. Like an hétérotropie of creation, time has a special taste there. I was fascinated by this general mood and then when the opportunity came, I didn’t hesitate. Having a place dedicated to creation is a very important state for me, because it’s not only a studio photo, it’s also an art gallery. Every 3 to 6 months the idea is to organize an exhibition around paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and all the artforms in between.

V: What was the process like opening the studio? 

EDN: I opened the studio on June 14th, 2022.  I organized an event and the moment of actually opening our doors was unreal. (Laughs). For the record, The workers finished the last details just a few minutes before everyone arrived. Opening a studio during this post covid time was such a challenge! It was 6 months of intense work of projection of my interior design ideas, quotations, ordering gear, organizing pick up, aléas and unpredictable things. I was “le chef de chantier”, behind every step, every single choice, with a team of several talented workers present everyday. It is not a common thing to be a woman at the head of this kind of work.  

V: Tell us about how you selected the location, decorated the space, and what energy or vibe you wanted the space to evoke?

EDN: I had a beautiful opportunity to open my space in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Being in the center of Paris is really an advantage regarding the neighborhood and the location close to all the fashion industry. I wanted to create a space that you could feel comfortable to work in, designed well, and chic with a mix between modern and vintage.

V: Earlier you mentioned that this work is not common for women. Can you elaborate even further? As a woman who is also Black and a young creative would you say your Le6 Studio is a place you’ve created to give other creatives who are minorities?

EDN: Of course. This is why creating this space was major for me. With Le 6 also being a gallery, I wanted to present the art of black artists and give them this platform. Obviously, there has been some progress in the fact that we can discover more work of black artists these days, but it’s still not as common as it should be. But it has to be something that changes in the future. Our people are powerful and talented and need spaces to grow. I want the studio to be that kind of stepping stone. A space of creation, for all types of creatives, but especially for those who struggle about visibility and monstration.

V: That’s amazing! How does that all play into your mission for Le 6 Studio? What sets Le 6 Studio apart from the other studios in Paris? How are you planning to continue growing?

EDN: For now, I want to be present in the moment and I’m focusing on this new adventure. I want to find a balance between my activity as a photographer and filmmaker, and managing the studio. 

V: What are your plans for the studio? What’s next? What are some events and activations that you have planned? 

EDN: As I mentioned earlier,  I’m planning to organize exhibitions every 3 to 6 months, so this January, I’m planning for a group show of photography, curating several artists. Everyone can come, you will just have to register at the newsletter on to receive the information/invitations and be aware of the latest news about the studio. So to all photographers, production companies, brands, come shoot at Le6 studio! And to all the artists, please share your work with our team. 

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