Parisian Elegance Meets California Casual: Givenchy Fall 2023 Pre-Collection     

Matthew M. Williams initiates dialogue between two clashing aesthetics. 

Staging an intersection among present-day wear and its relationship with the Maison’s atelier, Givenchy creative director Matthew M. Williams unpacks a contrast of elements for Givenchy’s Fall 2023 Pre-Collection. By initiating dialogue and re-interpreting aesthetics, Williams examines the ongoing conversation concerning Parisian elegance – established by Hubert De Givenchy – and the relaxed nature of his signature rooted in his native home of California.

For womenswear, Williams encourages a sense of ease, embodying a distinctive left-bank nonchalance through bold, feminine tailoring. Playing with graphic contrasts in a monochrome palette of black and white, the designer evokes unexpected clashes; a tuxedo jacket with distressed denim cargo pants or a denim-style satin jacket with a sensual flounced blouse. Layered silhouettes return entirely in white – as seen on the Givenchy runway – as the house’s iconic 4G logo now appears in transparent or with an opaque weave. Williams even incorporates a nod to couture through the bows, ruching, and chiffon, which have been redefined in an indelibly modern and light touch.

While for menswear, Williams contemplates the contrasts between heritage and modernity with the same spirit of ease. Expanding on Givenchy’s directional runway looks, tailoring emphasizes a utilitarian essence and mimics a free nature. Branching of utilitarianism is the obvious focus on uniforms – though designed for either officewear or streetwear. How? For this, the designer clashes ideas and finishes such as tailored jackets with denim or military pants, embedding the Givenchy emblem into fabrics. Men’s bags are designed with layer-able wardrobe essentials that allow the final touch on the tailored looks and outerwear.

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