Parson James and JoJo Celebrate Platonic Love in Their Duet “Dirty Laundry”

The two close friends come together to show how to be okay with another person’s baggage

Parson James delivers his first bit of music for 2021 with a collaboration with JoJo titled “Dirty Laundry.” 

“Dirty Laundry” is a pop jam that easily melds R&B and soul to create one confection that works in the daylight drive to work or a midnight stroll to a diner (yes, that imagery sticks). The song is about having your “person’s” back, being there for someone regardless of their metaphorical “dirty laundry,” per se.

The emotionally freeing song was a long time coming for James, who spoke to us at V about it. “[JoJo and I] met nearly 8 years ago! It was really organic and through a mutual friend of ours who sang with both of us. We started seeing each other around a lot and the universe just thankfully pushed us into each other’s lives,” he says. “We’ve been talking about doing something for YEARS. It’s all down to timing though and I am so glad that this record is happening.”

Image credits: Maxwell Poth

The song was initially inspired by a relationship James was in that lacked openness. Through that, he was able to take the message of the song and deliver it with someone he shares a close platonic connection with. It’s really one of those tunes which has a message that can transcend bonds.

“The relationship that we have is so transparent and honest. It’s so rare to have someone in your life that you can completely be yourself with and absolutely never feel judgment from,” James says. “Jo was present for the situation/person this song was initially inspired by and through that time, she really had my back when things got tumultuous. I just thought it was important to show the love we have for each other & the safe spaces we have created in our friendship.” 

James also teased that this might not be the last listeners see of his musical ventures with JoJo. “We wrote something really beautiful recently that I hope sees the light of day,” he tells us. This is James’ first release of the year, while this is JoJo’s second, after “American Mood” earlier this year.

Listen to Parson James and JoJo’s “Dirty Laundry” below:

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