Past California’s Tree-Lined Streets, You’ll Find the New Palm Angels Reborn in the City of Light

Deviating from its former excess, Palm Angels’ latest collection demands to be considered outside the fervor of street style.

Palm Angels: a brand known for its California cool threads finds its name pronounced through the Parisian prose of effortless style. At first glance, you might not be able to recognize it amongst a runway drenched in black, understated fits. As beaming lights reveal velvet tracksuits and, likely, the most recognizable of all, palm tree motifs, instantly, you’ll come to know this is the new Palm Angels. Hopping over the pond, the streetwear sensation welcomes a new context to its name as it makes its Paris Fashion Week debut.

Courtesy of Palm Angels

Last season Palm Angels brought us into Miami blazing with a scorching attitude. Where tacky tourist met Italian luxe, its Spring/Summer 2023 collection repurposed cultural marks of the city as motifs. Whether in sunscreen bottles, menacing sharks, neon signs, or the iconic palm-tree insignia of the brand, prints were jacked up to maximalist proportions that embodied the spirit of the sun-soaked city. It shouted “Spring Break” in all caps. 

Courtesy of Palm Angels

With a dash of darkness and a pinch of overstated glamour, Francesco Ragazzi pulled a 180 for its Fall/Winter 2023 collection. As he is famed for cleverly mixing the high and low, Ragazzi set Palm Angels’ latest collection into motion with smart, tailored fits. Here comes the urban twist. Toned down with hoods and large pockets and left open to reveal sheer tops underneath, structured blazers were relaxed and adopted a casual tone. Doing so, Palm Angels proposes perhaps the blazer might actually make a comeback into everyday wear. 

Slick leathers took charge of the collection with trousers, jackets, and knee-length coats. Though understated, their presence suggests Palm Angels doesn’t only want to dress the laid-back Californian skater—as much fun as it may be. 

Courtesy of Palm Angels

You might be thinking this is great, and all, but Palm Angels’ charm lies within its playful edge and campy creations. Not to fret. At the height of the collection’s exuberance, look fourteen enters. A puffer jacket adorned with an ample aquamarine fur collar, hearts, and, of course, palm trees indicates Palm Angels hasn’t ditched its whimsicality just quite yet.

Shagadelic coats gave a fervent nod to the late 60s—this time with a vampiric color palette. Brooding with glamour, look six takes the swanky sophistication of the fur coat to the streets as it is paired with a hooded-blazer hybrid and pleated trousers. 

Perhaps the medium between its minimalistic hooded sets and its exclamative outerwear took form in look thirteen’s puffer jacket. A velvety creation ensconcing its model with a posh puff of attitude, the jacket was certainly a magnet for attention. Employing color-blocking to contour the body with curvilinear cuts, the house tastefully balanced low-contrast hues of azure, black, midnight blue, and deep purple. As the proverbial cherry on top, the puffer is adorned with the house’s palm tree motifs dawning its cuffs and blown up on its back. 

Courtesy of Palm Angels

Whether in its seamless fusion of street style and high fashion or its signature, playful edge, there is something elemental about Ragazzi’s designs. Deviating from its former excess, Palm Angels’ latest collection demands to be considered outside the fervor of street style. 

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