Patrick Church’s ‘Into the Blue’

Patrick church is releasing a new collection in four drops.

Patrick Church will begin to roll out Into the Blue this month — a new collection in four drops.

Church’s drops will each explore a different narrative and begin debuting August 15th followed by two more in September and one in October. Church decided to roll out this collection in drops because they wanted their customers to have the product immediately. The drops’ titles include Into the Blue, The Greatest Love of All, Postcards From Nowhere and Hold Me Hercules

The first drop, Into the Blue, is a bleached denim collection with Church’s signature “All Over You” print monogram. Into the Blue will include biker shorts, matching tops, a massive puffa onesie, bikini and even denim underwear. This first drop is an ode to Church’s original campaign launched three years ago, including the same models and photographer.

Each item in Church’s new collection is printed in limited quantities and made in the United States and Portugal. Some pieces in the collection are hand painted and bleached. The collection’s drops are exclusively available on Church’s website.

Church is a New York City based multimedia artist. All of Church’s works are painted from his point of view while blurring the boundaries of art and fashion. Each piece, artwork or clothing, is reflective of Church’s personal character.

Photos and video by: Chelsy Mitchell

Models: Cory Walker, Zachary Richardson and Anaury Pena

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