‘Perfect Imperfection’: Golden Goose Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Extensive Projects

Celebrations include a documentary, a book, a sculpture, and an exclusive sneaker drop.

Over the years, Golden Goose has become known for its distressed – and comfortable – creations, soon garnering a passionate community of fans and collectors. Now, the iconic Italian sneaker and ready-to-wear brand is getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a series of art and fashion projects that provide an insight into its history, inspirations, and, most importantly, the people who helped shape the label into what it is today.

“Golden Goose is a journey, a family, which has been growing in so many ways throughout the years,” CEO Silvio Campara told V in an exclusive interview. “We see the 20th anniversary as the beginning of a new era which celebrates the heritage and looks at the future with the same excitement of the first day.”

In the audiovisual realm, the label released a special 20th Anniversary documentary that chronicles Golden Goose’s journey, starting in Marghera, Italy, and traveling across important places in the brand’s history such as Tokyo and Los Angeles. The film also delves into some of Golden Goose’s inspirations over the years and highlights key workers and partners who have contributed to building the label’s signature styles and projects. 

The documentary hints at some of the other celebratory projects, such as The Perfect Imperfection of Golden Goose, the art book made in collaboration with Rizzoli. The publication, which is the first book by and about the brand, celebrates and honors the “Golden Family,” including the founders, artisans, and workers, with special interviews and behind-the-scenes anecdotes and photos. 

“Golden Goose has a firm belief that the energy of a collective is able to overcome any type of obstacles and that the most outstanding results can only be achieved through cooperation and co-creation,” Campara said. “In these 20 years we managed to create a Family, united by love and by shared values and dreams.”

Courtesy of Golden Goose.

The book features contributions from famous Golden Goose fans like Virgil Abloh, Noel Gallagher, former Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, and more. The cover is adorned with signatures from all of the brand’s employees and, inside, custom black laces stand in as bookmarkers. The Perfect Imperfection of Golden Goose is currently available on GoldenGoose.comRizzoli.com, and in 20 select Golden Goose stores. 

Viewers of the documentary may also notice a shiny, unique bench gracefully floating over Venetian waters. The Golden Bench sculpture, which also features two pairs of Golden Goose sneakers, a boombox, and a skateboard with the words “Love without limits,” is part of the brand’s #MessageofLove campaign, inviting fans to directly interact with the creation.

Courtesy of Golden Goose.

The bench has been traveling across the world, appearing outside Golden Goose boutiques in Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, and Aspen. For the final location of the U.S. leg of its tour, it will be placed on Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive on April 25 and 26. 

Finally, the brand is getting ready to launch a new limited-edition sneaker called the TWENTY, which is expected to drop later this year. The design was created by merging some of Golden Goose’s most iconic styles into a unique piece that echoes the true spirit of the brand. The exclusive sneaker will be sold at 20 events in selected locations around the world, plus a final online event – but its final look has yet to be unveiled. 

“Our lovers are the ones defining who we are and what we mean to them, narrating their authentic stories and experiences in a real and genuine way,” Campara said. “Celebrating our 20th anniversary means honoring the values we believe in, the experiences we share, the time we spend together and the mutual respect for each individual. It means praising our lovers and collectors sharing their experiences, instants, memories.”

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