Perfume Genius Releases Supernatural New Song “Eye in the Wall”

Ahead of The Sun Still Burns’ premiere, Mike Hadreas gives us a sneak peek at what to expect.

Indie pop musician Mike Hadreas, better known as Perfume Genius, just released a new track ‘Eye in the Wall” as part of the upcoming collaborative dance experience The Sun Still Burns Here. An eerie composition, the hypnotic melody perfectly coincides with the ethereal choreography of the dance company YC and Seattle-based showrunner Kate Wallich. The nearly nine-minute ballad provides an experimental space for explorative dancing as it swirls and transforms through varying tempos.

“’Eye in the Wall’ is the part of the piece where we lure you in and spit you out,” Hadreas said in a statement. “A tornado of body, time, space, transformation and deterioration. It’s like pulling the Death card when you already knew what needed to end.” With supernatural intentions as such, Hadreas will be performing the song live during each of the performances, forging a  favorable marriage between Perfume Genius’ mystifying sound and the expressive nature of Wallich’s choreography.

“We spent a lot of time in the studio alternating between the math of the song and the magic of it—which was very much like the process of creating the dance itself,” Hadreas continued. “Working with Kate Wallich and YC, really being with my body, really being with other bodies—there is control and a real formula but a portal opened up in parallel that is completely free and overwhelmingly full of feeling.” 

As the show approaches, Perfume Genius and Katie Wallich are diligently rehearsing to finalize their production with the YC in Seattle. The complexity of the choreography harmonizes with the surging tune of Hadreas’s “Eye in the Wall”, and the accompanying video showcases the invigorating energy the performance exudes. A year in the works, The Sun Still Burns is set to premiere on October 4th and 5th at Seattle’s Moore Theatre and will continue to show in New York, Minneapolis and Boston later on.

Flip through a few polaroids from the cast as they gear up for their opening night below.


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