Personalize Your Purchase With “Moncler By Me”

The “Clueless” clothes-matching technology, brought to life.

Ever wanted to mix and match patterns and colors, building the perfect coat just for you? Moncler now allows you to fulfill this tech fantasy with “Moncler By Me,” a new fashion software that enables users to customize their dream coats. Available on their web platform and in select retail locations, the “Moncler by Me” technology is perfect for those who know their taste well, and want their jackets to reflect that. 

Image courtesy of Moncler

State-of-the-art technology makes using “Moncler By Me” a seamless, effective shopping experience. 3-D jacket visualization offers users a 360 view of their desired coat, and direct-to-purchase technology allows logged-in customers to purchase their jackets directly after designing.

The primary decision users face is picking their desired colorway, being offered a choice between Iconic, Mountaineering, Paninari, and a special 70th Anniversary palette. There are also two retail-exclusive colorways, being terrain and animal print. Users can also decide the distribution of their chosen colorway, whether it be a sleek monochromatic look or harsher color-blocking. The system then allows you to customize the jacket in sections, adding chosen elements to the chest, sleeves, and back. Symbols and accessories may also be added to the coat, allowing users to add their own personal flair. 

Image courtesy of Moncler

The new “Moncler By Me” technology demonstrates a shift towards the personal in the fashion world. More and more we want our clothes to be hyperspecific, representing us and our tastes. These customizable tools allow personalization to the extreme, even on a luxury level. Fashion is becoming more personal, more intentional on the part of the consumer – Moncler is one of the first high-end brands to recognize this trend.

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