Peter Do at NYFW: A Contemporary Memory Box

The legendary designer melds modern and classic in his first menswear line.

Peter Do’s newest NYFW phenomenon unites the worlds of fashion, music, and art to introduce the brand’s inaugural menswear collection. In partnership with SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest entertainment company, the show features unparalleled designs and a much-anticipated opening from K-pop superstar JENO.

While sleek and forward-thinking, the collection remains grounded in its roots. “Oftentimes, you can create newness with something that already exists,” Do said of the show. 

Indeed, the event’s sixty looks stay true to the meticulous tailoring and sharp silhouettes characteristic of Do’s brand. One especially captivating set leads with a classic shirt-trouser base, woven in a glimmering shade just shy of black. Do elevates the garments with a flipped-over waist and structured bag, embellished by hand with hundreds of metal studs. These details frame the look with eye-catching right angles, a refreshing contrast against the garments’ flowing fabrics.In addition to Do’s first menswear line, the designer launched his most recent collection of thought-provoking womenswear and unisex pieces. In one look, a dramatically cuffed blouse displays a photo Do captured of the sunset outside his brand’s first studio. Digitally manipulated to stretch across the garment, the photo injects hazy, dreamlike pigments into a show consumed almost entirely by blacks and whites. 

Beneath the blouse, a billowing wraparound buckles over a smart miniskirt, producing an organic illusion that evokes Mapplethorpe’s floral portraits. The result is stunning and elusive – a mysterious, pleated partnership of rigid lines and soft curves.One of the show’s final outfits showcases Do’s latest take on a traditional white pantsuit. This masterpiece encapsulates the show’s focus on time, particularly the need to slow down and breathe. A close look at the blazer reveals an enormous range of spacial depth between the wide shoulders and popped-out collar. The shirt boasts both smooth and crinkled textures and subtle button-work that guides the eye toward celestially airy slacks.

The platform boots are a standout of this look, and their dip-dyed pattern heightens the otherwise monochromatic pieces.Do’s work is anything but simple, and its complexity takes time to enjoy. As such, this collection opens its arms for all to appreciate; it’s an inclusive invitation to relax and observe.

“Peter Do is for everyone,” Do remarked. “Because we don’t just dress women or men, we dress people.”

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