Peter Do Looks Ahead To The Future for FW22

Past and present help fund and elevate a new future for the young New York-based label this Fall 2022 season.

Mulling over the last four years of building his brand, Peter Do wrote, “I’ve spent those years learning who I am as a designer, a friend, and a leader. Quite candidly, the balancing act almost broke me, and I had to clear the rubble to remember why I began this journey.” Since his first show in September, Do has been under the spotlight, showing an instinct that he is always grounded in what may ensue. 

This season. titled ‘Foundation,’ the new collection highlights his resilience as the label lays its groundwork in New York City. ‘Foundation’ lays claim to a hunger that he does not want to appease, staying true to his color palette of black and neutrals and executing his tailoring to elevate classics into new entities. Presented in the Genesis, a showroom for the Korean luxury car brand Genesis in the middle of the Meatpacking District, the venue set the tone for a darker, melodramatic iteration compared to the lightheartedness of Spring/Summer 2022’s ‘Home.’ Shearling lined leather jackets, boxy-tailored coats, wide-leg denim with single, coy slashes, and long, pleated skirts matched with thick, waist belts. 

Do ventured into a new sensibility for evening wear through dark, sequined column gowns, monochrome wool three-piece suits permeated the stage, exaggerated-sleeved boleros, and halter vests in wool and fine leather. Throughout the show, his expansion of accessories shined in the inclusion of dumpling clutches, leather shoulder, and crossbody bags, exuding practicality through the glamour that radiated. 

While seeking to break the ground that he built, Peter Do does not truly pass the line that he drew for himself, still staying within the means of the minimalism that he expertly crafts. There is the power behind each piece, one where it seems that Do imagines women will always return to, just as he does. “These thirty-six looks are a conversation on integrity and resilience and a conference between my past and present.” 

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