In his first Louis Vuitton men’s pre-fall show, Pharrell Williams debuts a collection reminiscent of the moon, stars, and core values of the brand in Hong Kong.

Inspired by the nautical themes of travel and cultural phenomenons across the globe, tropical floral prints embody a journey from Hawaii to Hong Kong. Much like his debut collection, which was inspired by the journey from Virginia to Paris, the multicultural influences show up in every aspect of Williams’ collection. Everything revolves around energy and what it conveys, as a wearer in the urban city of Hong Kong could put on a bohemian, surfing-inspired peace, and simulate the energy of Hawaii beaches.

Set on Victoria Harbor underneath the bright moon and constellations, the show starts at a location that is known to be an epicenter of cultural exchange welcoming people from all areas of the world. Proximity to the water helped ground Williams in his inspiration, echoing his close ties to his hometown of Virginia Beach.

To begin, The Sailor uniform takes center stage in a mix of Maritime striped double-breasted suits, paired with shorts and flared trousers. Naval coats, featuring pearl buttons and stripe motifs walk the runway while pea coats and sailor suits in chambray symbolize the nautical emphasis throughout the collection. Sweats are detailed with ship rope and varsity jackets are embroidered with shell detailing, emphasizing the importance of travel and the sea.

Similarly, a revised “LV” logo, appearing like a net on a knitted cardigan makes its way across the fisherman-inspired aspect of the collection. A mixed-leather jacket features nylon sleeves while indigo denim shorts and shirts are bleached in the style of workwear. The Roman god Neptune, is spotlighted in floral, patterned shirts and denim bomber jackets that are embellished with more pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Lastly, in the third section of the collection, a kind of rebellious and community-oriented aspect of the tropical theme takes place, as surf culture states its claim amongst the other nautical pieces. Scuba suits embellished with the beaded logo, and motifs of surfers decorate tropical floral prints on linen tailoring to emphasize a surfer’s wardrobe. Woven shoes and hats matched with braided bracelets and charm jewelry emulate the freedom of The Surfer. In an homage to the Hawaiian shirt, typically in a tropical flower pattern, Williams takes this collection as a chance to show the cultural connection that clothes can carry.

In two-tone leather with monochrome suede, the standout, LV Dandy Loafer takes on the nautical energy of the collection and comes adorned with tropical detailing of flowers and even locks made from Swarovski crystals and gold. Accessories featured in the collection range from berets to bucket hats to beanies, while the house’s monogram appears in four different colors in bags made out of scuba leather incorporating black, aqua zips. The Supervision Sunglasses make an appearance designed in light or dark-seasoned wood to add to the component of the surf wardrobe.

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