Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Goes Back To School

The Fall/Winter 2021 collection is a lookbook from an imaginary college.

When designing the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Creative Director Lorenzo Serafini thought wistfully back to his days as a student. Those are formative times in anyone’s life – the future is unknown, emotions and anxieties are high, and sometimes, fashion choices are restricted by uniforms. Serafini took the prep and school spirit that accompanies traditional student fashion (with a particular focus on British style) and channeled it into a nostalgic new collection. It’s a particularly welcome look at the school experience during a time when it has been upended by a global pandemic and many classes have transitioned online.

The Philosophy fashion show was online, too, but that didn’t stop it from being a captivating reinvention of student style. Models strut in front of a background of drifting clouds – the kind that might float over campus on a breezy day. Wearing bold varsity letters (“P” for Philosophy, of course), they look like the coolest students ever to walk the halls.

The collection emphasizes the vibrant colors characteristic of spirited school uniforms and mixes plenty of prints. Pleated skirts and berets placed slightly askew introduce traditional schoolgirl elements, but black leather boots add an edgier attitude so that nobody looks like a teacher’s pet.

Blazers and textured sweaters look perfect for the start of school in the fall, and the occasional frilly white collar adds Victorian appeal. Britain’s royal past served as part of the inspiration for this collection, and some designs resemble coats of arms – those of prominent families and of prestigious educational institutions.

By pausing to reflect on his own time at school, Lorenzo Serafini instills nostalgia for and appreciation of the learning process. He describes school as “a place of culture that enables young people to grow and develop,” continuing, “I thought back to the encounters and conflicts I faced during those years and realized how fundamental they were in shaping my character and the expression of my creativity.” That creativity is expressed in this collection of scholarly looks, and these clothes would definitely turn heads on the quad.


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