Quiet luxury meets quirky confidence is the aesthetic for Phoebe Philo’s debut collection, which almost immediately went out of stock.

On Monday, October 30, Philo’s debut line launched on her website, causing a fashion riot among Philo fans. The collection consists of three categories: ready-to-wear, leather goods, and accessories. Separated into edits, Philo’s newest line will be exclusively available on her website. The first edit, titled “A1”, will be available through three deliveries on phoebephilo.com from October 30, and over the coming months. The first delivery in each edit is packed with volume, with A1 comprising 150 styles. The second edit, A2, will arrive in Spring 2024, shipping to the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Courtesy of Phoebe Philo

If Philo’s debut line was not impressive enough, the brand’s overall identity aims to address environmental impacts, focusing on the material issues of overconsumption, waste, and the fashion supply chain. Philo’s business model is intended to create a responsible balance between production and demand. Quality over quantity is the principal purpose for the highly anticipated collection.

Garments in the collection include a range of chic trousers and collared shirts, cargo jackets and high-neck jumpers, short and double-breasted coats, square-toe pumps, and business-proper loafers. Bold and maximalist silhouettes are offered in an asymmetric dress and tailored top, as well as a hand-combed embroidered coat and 3D textured knit coat dress. Fabrics are delivered in mohair, leather, viscose, and silk viscose canvas, merino and yak wool, wool and viscose twill, and soft shearling. Accessories are in oversized sunglasses, and ludicrously capacious bags suited for every affair.

Browse (what is left of) the collection at phoebephilo.com, and do not forget to subscribe to ensure you get your hands on the next drop.

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