Meet Shaya Scott- the David LaChapelle approved photographer who can transport you into another dimension with just a flash of his camera.

The David LaChapelle backed photographer is stepping into a spotlight of his own, making a name for himself with his whimsical color-drenched photography stylings. Much to our surprise, the New York-born photographer Shaya Scott, discovered that one-of-a-kind aesthetic by accident. Growing up in a strictly religious heteronormative household he struggled to thrive, so Scott turned to the arts.

While the creative also sings and acts, he has garnered most of his attention for his photography. Picking up his first camera at the age of 13 to photograph his friends provided an instant escape from his reality. With every flash he discovered a way to channel untapped creativity bringing vibrance to a rather gray period in his life. Today, inspired by Tim Burton, Scott’s photography has been known to transport one into a fairytale like realm while simultaneously highlighting dark humor. This stemming from his childhood imagination, which was ridden with lucid dreaming and vivid nightmares. Using what plagued his young mind as inspiration Scott cultivates that child-like imagination to address adult topic’s. All ranging from psychology and human vices, commercialism and consumption, to the corruption of youth.

Shaya Scott has gone on to work under famed photographer David LaChapelle, who he recalls “wanted to buy a print of mine” and has even shot Twitter’s favorite outspoken rapper, Azealia Banks. Most recently, Scott shot fashion’s breakout model Uglyworldwide for her Paper Magazine cover. Scott is well aware of how potent his art is and shares why we all [including himself] might be hooked on his hallucinogenic style. He say’s “I’m probably drawn to hyper-rich color because it acts as a temporary high, like a self-induced sugar rush of serotonin”.  Although his work may give a high without the use of drugs, one of his main goals with his art is to provide a brief moment of escape and inspiration for the viewer; which he has successfully executed while carving out a place for himself in the photography industry. Shaya Scott is definitely one to watch and we look forward to seeing what other realms his twisted imagination produces. To view more of his work, be sure to follow him @Shayascott and also take a look at the gallery of his work below.




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