Photoville is Finding a Home in Los Angeles

Photoville is Finding a Home in Los Angeles

The annual photography event is heading to the west coast for the first time.

The annual photography event is heading to the west coast for the first time.

Text: Emma Li

Photoville, the largest annual photography event in New York City, is traveling to Los Angeles later this month. The Annenberg Space for Photography is presenting the event, which started seven years ago on the east coast, in celebration of the cultural center's 10th anniversary. The event is being created by Brooklyn-based public art nonprofit organization United Photo Industries. Photoville’s purpose is not to simply be an art fair, but a celebration of visual storytelling. There is an emphasis on community rather than commerce, hence the free admission to the general public.

International photographers will showcase work, however over half of the visual artists whose work will be exhibited are based in Southern California. While storytelling across all media including animation, short films, and fine art will be present, the focus is on documentary photography.

The event will feature exhibitions in repurposed shipping containers, photo cubes, and light boxes to evoke a festival atmosphere with multiple galleries. Photoville in Los Angeles will take place across consecutive weekends and include talks, workshops, exhibitions at night, the famous community beer garden, and Smorgasburg selected food vendors.

Container exhibits will include photojournalist Lynsey Addario’s Of Love and War, a photography book consisting of a collection of images Addario photographed while reporting crisis and war zones across the world.

A group of artists photographed some of California’s calamities over the state’s 169-year history, which will be presented by the Los Angeles Times Photography Department.

Other exhibitions include thematic explorations of the American West, self-portraits, and specific genres of music. Outdoor installations will see work that follow gang members from East Los Angeles, pit bulls, low riding, and the community of Hollywood Park.

Photoville will be open between April 26 to 28 and May 2 to 5 in Century City, Los Angeles.


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